A new form of elegance

Dornbracht CYO – iconic design with maximum individuality

A soft flowing curve. Mysterious black marble, encased in shimmering chrome. Pleasant to touch, sleek, solid and yet easy to handle. Then an almost inaudible, precise click, similar to a high-end control element on a dashboard. The designers at Dornbracht have even managed to make the action of turning on a tap into a sensual experience. The two handles artfully flank the sculptural outlet, declaring the composition as the new icon of bathroom culture. Its name? CYO.

Individuality, as far as the eye can see: The innovative handle design of these CYO fittings offers enormous scope for the ideal bathroom design. The rotating ring and inlay are multifaceted and can be freely combined. They are also available in other designs upon request.

Relaxation, refreshment, warmth, revitalisation – these are the demands we make on this room today: our bathroom. Of course, its interior design requires high standards. Who better to make an exclusive statement in terms of comfort, functionality and aesthetics than a company that has been successfully writing history worldwide providing the highest quality design solutions since 1950? Dornbracht is the undisputed leader in the premium sector of fittings and accessories for bathrooms, spas and kitchens. The brand regularly captivates with pioneering innovations, unique design creations and high standards of quality at a manufacturing level. And in the process, the future at Dornbracht is always seen in the context of origin and authenticity: The futuristic zeitgeist design of the CYO series is in fact inspired by the company’s own design from 1969. Closing the loop: A forward-thinking reinterpretation with a strong personality is accompanied by the return of its archetype. Feel the intuitive simplicity in the contours of the circular shape. Experience the fine contrasts through the bi-structural surfaces. Experience the heightened level of extravagance with the rotating handles, where you can create wonderful – and above all freely selectable – compositions using a whole host of different materials and designs: chrome, brass, platinum or dark platinum, smooth or brushed, fine natural stone and artificial three-dimensional surface structures offer a wide variety of possible creative combinations. The way in which the CYO tap is operated is as invisible as it is extraordinary, carried out via the rotatable outer ring with a finely tuned raster. With CYO, Dornbracht takes aesthetics, texture, feel and precision to a whole new level – and conveys this aspiration throughout the whole room design with its 'Metropolitan' and 'Oasis' bathroom architectures. Want to experience CYO in the flesh? You can in Dornbracht’s large showrooms in Switzerland.

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