Apical Reform Studio: Art in Motion

Inspiration from nature: fascinating kinetic artworks from Apical Reform

The softly flowing movements of a stingray gliding almost invisibly over the sea bed. The perpetual play of water and light. Making these wonders of nature visible is what is fascinating about the art of the global player Apical Reform from Ahmedabad in India. With its expertise in art (kinetic, bespoke & functional art), architecture and interior design, the company works successfully with worldwide luxury brands from Armani to Swarowski.


A symphony in black and gold, undulating movements, light reflections, enigmatic and soothing. Polished metal ribs powered by a synergy of art, mathematics, mechanics and electronics master the challenge of capturing the sensation of flying when observing this mysterious 4,000-year old being. 'STINGRAY' is the result of complex, intensive development work that transforms the subtle dynamics seemingly effortlessly into its simple artistry of naturalness. A hypnotising and powerful metaphor of mindfulness that captivates the eye and the mind. A masterpiece of kinetic art that represents the approach of Amrish Patel and Darshan Soni, Creative and Design Director of the Apical Reform Studio: Inspiration taken from nature and the world around us is realised in painstakingly planned and carefully designed artworks in order to create unforgettable experiences through creativity.


Your gaze takes you across the water and you watch the ripples, immerse yourself in the different patterns continually being created. The incidence of light creates countless variations of what is ostensibly always the same thing. A deep sensitivity creates a connection between nature and art. A steel disc rotates 360 degrees on a second disc, allowing a stunning interplay of inter-imposing lines to develop. The observer gains a new visual impression from each viewing angle. 'MOIRE' offers an exciting expedition into hydrodynamics, a phenomenon of nature that Apical devotes his attention to. The perpetual transformation of the replicated water movements is similar, in its iridescence, to a Moiré effect and continually takes on a different shape. The design language in black and white interacts with changeable facets of transience and permanence. Mounted on a wall, these art installations create visual experiences and emotions. Its design is 'visually powerful, intellectually elegant and above all, timeless', says Apical Reform when describing his design ethic. With his understanding of material, environment and purpose as well as aesthetic feeling, the studio transcends what is normal and inconspicuous into something extraordinary.

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