Aston Martin DB11: Elegance, Style and Power from the Island

Emil Frey AG brings the British way of life onto the road.

Freedom and speed, passion and aesthetics – experience all this and much more along with the claim of English automotive engineering. Are you into aerodynamic shapes and spirited engine power for a sporty look? Or do you prefer cruising through terrain with potency and a great view? Or both? And what about the elegant and catlike alternative for causing a stir on the streets? The Emil Frey AG car dealership, based in Zurich-Altstetten since 1948, offers inspiration and help in decision-making, with a total of seven car brands. Novelties like the Aston Martin DB11 promise you exciting discoveries and are always good for a surprise.

Their motto 'Enthusiasts for British Cars' clearly shows what they are all about and is how the employees of Emil Frey AG themselves describe their commitment to quality vehicles from the United Kingdom. Your car dealership in Zurich-Altstetten is a paradise for any lover of British automobiles – and has been for nearly 70 years. This is where dreams of stylish English mobility come true. The wide range of products is evident as soon as you enter the various showrooms, which cater to every car enthusiast’s wishes: from small cars to compact vans and sedans through to luxury sports cars. The four legendary British premium car brands Jaguar, Land Rover, Range Rover and Aston Martin are the centre of attention – all of them popular and much sought-after. These classics of the British way of life exude their special flair and celebrate an exclusive style in the brightly illuminated rooms. Take the Aston Martin department, for example, which offers various models of what is every secret agent’s favourite car. Aston Martin stands for aesthetic design, perfect proportions, and flowing body lines, always with an optimal blend of form, function and the finest materials. 'An Aston Martin is the perfect symbiosis of dynamism, sportiness, luxury and exceptional beauty', as the employees at Emil Frey explain. The company ethos accordingly is 'power, beauty and soul'. Emil Frey AG in Zurich-Altstetten has been the number one address for Aston Martin in Switzerland for over 30 years now. Their longstanding experience, their expertise and their passion for the English car brand have helped them gain the trust of many Aston Martin lovers. After you have strolled through the spacious showrooms and found your dream car, Emil Frey’s first-class service is far from over. A well trained and highly motivated team looks after the customers and their vehicles even after the purchase – it often marks the beginning of a long friendship. Emil Frey attaches great importance to this service, for example by offering its specialised workshops for the annual check-up. Car owners know their motorised companions from the British Isles are in good hands here. After all, Emil Frey is not only renowned for its high-quality products, but also for the great customer service it provides. And now the grand entrance: 'Allow me. My name is Martin, Aston Martin.' The new Aston Martin DB11 will finally be delivered for the first time in October 2016. The whole staff at Emil Frey are looking forward this event in particular, as the DB11 has not only impressed people at the Geneva Motor Show. Its quality and performance have opened a new chapter in automotive development. Please turn the page.

With the DB11, Aston Martin shows skill and courage in further developing the classical design elements and proportions of the previous models. This is shown by the long, flat bonnet, the aluminium arch at the roofline and the very solid rear fenders: a striking example of how Aston Martin combines art, elegance and power in a unique way. Every millimetre of design and every technological feature has been developed and constructed from scratch to create the world’s most irresistible car. Continuing with the famous DB bloodline, the DB11 is an ultra-modern, yet authentically sporty and dynamic GT in the very finest Aston Martin tradition. Most sophisticated!


Dimensions Vehicle length: 4739 mm I Vehicle width: 1940 mm I Vehicle height: 1279 mm I Wheelbase: 2805 mm I Luggage compartment volume (DIN): 270 ltr Weight Unladen Weight (DIN): 1770 kg Engine Engine/cylinders/valves: 5.2-litre twin turbo V/12/48 I Power output @ engine speed: 600 bhp / 608 PS / 447 kW @ 6500 rpm I Max torque @ engine speed: 700 Nm / 516 lb ft @ 1500-5000 rpm Performance Top speed: 322 km/h / 200 mph I Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 3.9 sec

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