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Design, dynamism, ultimate luxury: the Aston Martin sport open top DB12 Volante

At a time when everything seems to revolve around electromobility, are we even allowed to talk about a petrol-driven car? Yes we are – and we should, above all when it’s a legendary sports car brand and a concept of ultimate luxury, top performance and superb aesthetics. With the DB12 Volante, Aston Martin has created an elegant luxury car to make the heart of all convertible lovers beat faster, as soon as they set eyes on it. The heart palpitations are followed by tingling thrills of excitement as you start the car and feel the full power of the mighty 680 HP V8 motor accelerating to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds: an unforgettable feeling of freedom and pure driving pleasure.

There are quite a few things that make the DB12 Volante stand out from the crowd. Like the fabric roof of the new convertible, for example, which needs only minimal storage space thanks to a special folding mechanism, thereby enabling the elegant low design of the sports car (and a surprisingly large amount of room for your luggage). The eightfold roof isolation creates an optimal acoustic on the inside; opening and closing it takes place electrically in a few seconds, either during the drive itself up to a speed of 50 km/h, or also outside the car from a 2-metre radius using remote control. The interior totally wins you over: high-quality materials processed with the finest craftsmanship and in elegant colours characterise the stylish ambiance with soft leather and Alcantara, decorative padding in piano black, satin chrome, brushed aluminium, real wood or carbon fibre. Aston Martin puts its trust in timeless quality for the vehicle instruments, thereby avoiding the singularity of purely digital displays and the trend towards minimalism. You immediately feel at home in the midst of the most innovative technologies – naturally including customised infotainment, intelligent navigation, powerful hi-fi and surround sound systems as well as interactive HMI control.

4.O-Liter-V8-Biturbo Motor
68O PS / 5OO KW bei 6.OOO U/min
8OO Nm bei 2.75O-6.OOO U/min
325 km/h Höchstgeschwindigkeit

Aston Martin DB12 Volante

in 3.7 Sekunden von O auf 1OO km/h
in 3.6 Sekunden von O auf 6O mph
1.796 kg Trockengewicht
47:53 Gewichtsverteilung (v:h)

Design and comfort are now joined by incredible driving dynamics: the irresistible sonorous sound of the DB12 Volante’s 4.0-litre V8 biturbo engine is already an indication of its unbridled power and the fact that it can master speeds upwards of 300 km/h with ease. Eight gears and five different driving modes allow you to fine-tune the drive and adapt it to your personal preferences as regards driving characteristics. When you’re en route in sport mode, you soon realise: only flying is better! Naturally, this Aston Martin is not a vehicle for every day, but one for special moments. It isn’t a production model; but rather, an exclusive one-off limited edition – and with its combustion engine, possibly the last of a dying breed. Nevertheless, the car is the epitome of superlative open-air performance, made for passionate drivers with a strong character who, perhaps ‘electrified’ in their everyday driving, reserve the freedom to choose timeless luxury and pure enjoyment in their free time. Easy to imagine that it’s precisely this kind of concept that creates the right prerequisites to declare this luxurious convertible super tourer a classic legend that we will still be raving about decades later – thereby proving its sustainability.

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