Aston Martin DBX: City, land, speed

The DBX: an all-round talent from Aston Martin for roads and off-roading

Now, is the time to make that decision. Should I do it or not? Will it go well? Soon there’s no way back. I’m in front of a steep, stony, muddy slope and it’s basically: 'You or me?' I sit in a brand new Aston Martin DBX, which is fitted with numerous technical refinements making it a hero of off-road tracks. I press the HDC function button and off we go. The car rolls over the edge and finds a safe route down to the bottom. You have to go against your instincts to brake, otherwise we would skid. And – we’ve arrived! Fantastic! Now onto the next challenge.

Because there’s a huge puddle waiting further down the track. The DBX should be able to manage half a metre. That’s something we definitely want to see. It’s so much fun seeing how everything splashes and drips &, of course, it’s a walk in the park for this youngest offspring of the Aston Martin family. Glorious! And thanks to the frameless door with its raised sill, your trousers won’t get mucky when you get out. I don’t, of course, have unsurfaced roads right on my doorstep. But getting to them is a lot of fun. What an experience, flying along the motorway at almost 300 kilometres an hour! Because, of course, this British car is not just an SUV; it is also quite clearly a sports car – with a licence to rev up. And the best thing: It sounds like one. Super sound. Let’s talk about aerodynamics and design. The exterior of the car is an interplay of exquisite design features and sculptural lines for optimal flow. Air is channelled from the headlights through the wheel arches and over the rear of the car. Aston Martin’s own computational aero-acoustics technology ensures minimal noise inside the car at high speed. From the outside, the DBX doesn’t look particularly large, but the dimensions reveal: it is a handsome size. The interior is spacious and can easily keep up with other brands of SUVs, and the elegant quality of the interior design is worthy of a true gentleman. The numerous accessory packs offered also mean everyone can be perfectly kitted out.

Is your holiday home off the beaten track? Are you going off hunting in expansive forests or high up in the mountains? Have the roads and tracks to get there turned into streams of mud? Here it’s clear: The Aston Martin DBX isn’t just a city car that goes through the motions. It really can. Water or dirt, extreme inclines and slippery ground are no problem for this vehicle; its four-wheel and 'drive modes' turn any situation into a whole heap of fun. It’s a beast when off-roading and handles brilliantly on the roads when it’s allowed to go fast. Incredible. A perfect combination. The right vehicle for any occasion and a sports car for the whole family. It’s not just wild and powerful, it’s also cool – and very elegant. A milestone in the history of the listed car manufacturer and an important model for the future of this luxury brand from the British Isles. It shouldn’t stay in the showroom as an attraction to catch your eye, it needs to conquer the streets. Summary: The DBX has made it possible to finally get properly dirty. What could be more breathtaking than simply letting yourself go? New car, I shut everything else out of my head, let my basic instincts take over, open myself up to the forces of nature and leave it all unreservedly up to the technology... And on the way back, I quickly go to the car wash before I collect the lady of the house and the children. Now we enjoy a lovely drive through our city streets, as if nothing had happened.

Technische Daten ASTON MARTIN DBX
Fahrzeuglänge: 5,O39 mm
Fahrzeugbreite: 2,22O mm
Motor: V8 Doppelturbomotor
Hubraum: 3,982 cm3
Leistung max.: 55O PS
Drehmoment max.: 7OO Nm
Vmax.: 91 km/h
O-1OO Km/h: 4,5 s

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