Aston Martin DBX: May I present?

Aston Martin proudly presents: The first SUV of the British car manufacturer.

The world lies at its feet – the Aston Martin DBX. This sport utility vehicle is fascinating in how it combines the sports car dynamics that are to be expected from an Aston Martin with explicit off-road capabilities. Having only recently unveiled its first mountain-ready model in its 106-year history in November 2019, with its «Second Century» plan, the British luxury automobile manufacturer is pursuing a clearly transformative, trend-setting line.

After the share prices of Aston Martin recently slumped, the DBX should serve as cause for fortunes to trend upwards again. With plus points that include a stylishly elegant design, brilliant performance and an excellent degree of user-friendliness, this «venture» has what it takes to succeed. Versatility and dynamic driving enjoyment are guaranteed. In having the legendary Aston Martin look combined with easy accessibility and the ability to enjoy a good overview of traffic, every off-road enthusiast is sure to feel warm and fuzzy inside. The specially developed, tailor-made SUV platform is a rare and classy novelty in this vehicle segment. Depending on the terrain that’s part of the journey, the adaptive triple air suspension provides the necessary ground clearance. Regardless of the environment, the DBX cuts a striking figure. The sporty aerodynamics of its refined silhouette promise an exciting experience behind the wheel. It’s an eye-catcher with inner and outer qualities alike: the new tour de force from Aston Martin.

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