Aston Martin: Energy-charged freedom

Test drive on Sardinia: around bends and across terrain with the Aston Martin DBX707

Dynamism, speed, power – I can hardly wait even though it’s hardly the first time I will sit in an Aston Martin DBX. But the new 707 is something really special: there’s never been a mass-produced SUV that was as fast as this one! Of course I simply have to take it for a spin. I want to experience how this bundle of power handles the road, find out where its limits are, see what it has to offer. Even the lush sound when starting the engine makes me curious about the ride. Then I enjoy my freedom on the streets of Sardinia. I pass breath-taking rock formations in the Mediterranean landscape, negotiate tight bends and then – slam on the brakes.

The brakes work wonderfully! I was lucky because in the pastoral culture of Sardinia, the sheep always have right of way. The countryside has belonged to them for centuries; we have to respect this, the more so as they repay us with delicious pecorino cheese. The sudden interruption of the ride is no problem if you are in the Aston Martin DBX707, because the new interior design wins you over with its linearity, dynamic look and minimalistic design language. And the new stylish exterior is also second to none. The DBX707 is sporty and elegant. The headlights, grille, chrome trim, rimless doors... – all top quality. Its appearance clearly expresses the new definition of speed in combination with absolute precision. With the 707, the DBX has once again received a true boost. The upgrades concern the vehicle as a whole – design, engine, speed ratio, suspension, electronics, infotainment... – and the brakes, as I just remarked. You can also rely on the security package. Everything about this SUV is desirable. With this further development and the clear commitment to powerful driving, Aston Martin once again reprises its strong presence in the luxury segment. Or as ex-CEO Tobias Moers puts it: 'The DBX707 is the fastest, strongest, most fascinating car of its type with the best handling; it drives Aston Martin right to the top of the SUV performance charts.' Keep up the good work!

Aston Martin DBX707 – The world’s most powerful luxury SUV

Performance data


Engine: 4.O-litre V8 Twin Turbo
Engine power: 7O7 PS
Engine torque: 9OO Nm
Specific output: 138 PS/litre
Maximum speed: 31O km/h
O-1OO km/h: 3.3 s
Length: 5.O39 mm
Width (body): 1.998 mm

I listen to the jangling of the little bells around the throats of the sheep and wait patiently, until the herd has reached the other side of the street. As soon as the final lamb has scampered behind its mother, I put the pedal to the metal again. I am happy that my automobile companion is an off-road model, meaning that the DBX707 can hold its own against its DBX colleagues. The sideroads of Sardinia often resemble simple gravel tracks: erosion ditches offer attractive challenges for a test drive; sometimes the route takes you over the naked rocks, or branches torn off by the storms of the Tramontana block the path. My concentration is required and I sometimes have no time to notice the countryside rushing by. The terrain is no problem at all for DBX models. And this one lives up to its reputation. DBX707 – as the name already suggests: 707 HP. And it’s a real pleasure to drive. Aston Martin assured me the model delivers 'high performance' – on the evidence of this tour, I can definitely agree.

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