Automobili Pininfarina: Heart rate? Rapid!

One look at the Pininfarina Battista e-hypercar will send your pulse racing

Power! The Battista Anniversario has an electrifying presence. A super-dynamic, incredibly exciting and stunningly beautiful hypercar – a sensation on the 90th anniversary of Automobili Pininfarina. Superior design standards, endless fun to drive and the aspiration to protect the environment: you can have it all. In a shared vision, renowned technology companies have created an exclusive piece of electromobility art; no longer a dream of the future, this is pure reality – and the first models will even be delivered this year! A superlative high performance like nothing the road has ever seen before. Congratulations!

Personalità! Battista Farina, nicknamed Pinin, had a dream. When he founded his company Carrozzeria Pinin Farina in 1930 as a trained coachbuilder and draughtsman, he wanted to revolutionise automobile construction with groundbreaking design. His dream came true marking the start of an Italian success story – which has continued to this day. Numerous respected manufacturers, from Alfa Romeo and Peugeot to Ferrari and Jaguar, have had their new models designed by Pinin Farina – many of them becoming icons. Time and time again, one-off products also created an international sensation. In 1961, as a special honour for his life’s work, Battista Farina was given permission by the Italian state president to change his surname to Pininfarina. Following his death, his son Sergio and grandson Andrea Pininfarina took on the family business. Today, his grandson Paolo is head of Pininfarina S.p.A., a design company that not only designs cars but also railway vehicles and architecture. In December 2015, the Indian automobile manufacturer Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. acquired a majority stake in Pininfarina to boost it with its financial clout. And now on the company’s 90th birthday, Pininfarina and Mahindra are giving it the biggest present, one that perfectly embodies these modern times: the ultimate Battista. A pure electrically operated hypercar and the most powerful, road-legal, Italian car ever. It is very limited: there will be just 150 examples and only five of them will be special Anniversario editions. An all-round technical treat, as is proved by the data: 1,900 HP, 350 km/h top speed, 0 to 100 in under two seconds, to 300 in 12 seconds, over 500 kilometres range. For the Anniversario, they’ve upped their game even more: The 'Furiosa' package with carbon-fibre front splitter, side blades and rear diffuser guarantees even better aerodynamics. The breath-taking paintwork applied manually layer upon layer over the course of several weeks in Pininfarina’s own colours Bianco Sestriere, Grigio Antonelliano and Iconica Blu looks stunning. Elegance right to the very tip of the rear end. And the Anniversario has other extra details in terms of its rear wing and aerofoil as well as its black seats made from sustainable leather and Alcantara. – All in line with the company motto: 'We Move Dreams'.

Push the button! The air is getting thinner for manufacturers of conventional combustion engines: a colourful explosion of new brands is entering the market of vehicle construction. Electric motors are being given ever greater priority. In this game, Pininfarina is right at the very front of the pack, because future-oriented innovation is part and parcel of what the company sees as its core brand. Its developments aim to set the new gold standard. The cornerstone to this is its excellent collaboration with innovative and technologically strong partners. Out in front is the automobile manufacturer Rimac, responsible for the very heart of the Battista. As a specialist in electric motors and batteries, the talented e-tech company not only has its own electric hypercars such as the C_Two in its portfolio, but it has also developed sought-after components found in many premium brands. For the Battista, it specially developed a 120-kWh battery with incredible energy and a motor combination that transfers this power individually to each wheel. The resulting extreme performance corresponds to twice the energy of a Formula 1 racing car. This was something Formula 1 driver Nick Heidfeld, test driver for Pininfarina, was keen to experience: 'I have never driven anything as powerful as the Battista' – and all for zero emissions. Sustainability is no longer an empty word. For all players involved in the Battista, the goal was clear: to provide outstanding technology. This included Porsche, who holds a stake of more than 15 percent in the producer Rimac and enjoys a fruitful partnership with them. The collaborative network continues with Deutsche Telekom, which used its expertise to ensure that the Battista is the first globally networked hypercar. The car can access online services trouble-free in over fifty countries making seamless roaming a real indulgence. Smart! And the British HiFi expert Naim Audio has provided a 1,300-watt sound system that is a real credit to the Battista. Ten loudspeakers, distributed throughout the cabin, deliver a surround-sound feeling, making it even more fun to drive. Loud! It comes full circle back to Pininfarina with its custom-made wallbox for powerful charging. The result? With its team effort, Pininfarina has really pulled off a coup, pushing the epitome of electromobility, climate neutrality and sporting passion into a completely new dimension. A perfect interplay of form and function, which put together offers added value many times over. The Battista is causing a sensation. And very rarely does it bear the Anniversario lettering. Take a peek!

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