Bell Sport & Classic: A rare beauty

Bell Sport & Classic are true masters: a restored Ferrari 330 GTC proves it.

A Ferrari 330 GTC! With this coupé, you don’t know where to look first: gazing at the outline of the bodywork simply takes your breath away; merely the shape of the bonnet, the striking headlamps and the two-part bumpers... The silhouette with its strong front, large windows and elegant curve at the rear create a lightness that already allows you to surmise the car’s speed. And even the interior values of this majestic piece of Italian engineering art prove what was already possible as early as 1966. Only 598 cars of this model were ever constructed. It is therefore a true rarity and a treasure for all classic car lovers.

Ferrari 33O GTC
Year of manufacture:1966
Chassis number: 9O69
Body: Pininfarina
Exterior colour: Verde Chiaro
Interior colour: Tan
Engine / capacity: V12 / 3967 cm3
Fuel system: 3 Weber carburettors
Engine output: 3O4 hp / 224 kW @ 66OO rpm
Drive Type: Rear Wheel Drive (RWD)
kerb weight: 1433 kg
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Length / Width / Height: 45O.5 cm / 162.6 cm / 131.4 cm
Top speed: 246 km/h
Acceleration O to 1OO km/h: 7.O sec.
Power-to-weight ratio: 4.7 kg/hp

What a biography: the birth of this Ferrari was in the year 1966, when the car design company Pininfarina in Turin created its luxury 'body'. It was given the chassis identification number 9069. It was then sent to Maranello, the Ferrari stronghold, where it gained its 'heart', engine and chassis for sophisticated drivers. The result? Ferrari at its best! The Geneva International Motor Show, where the car appeared on the international automotive stage in March 1966, agreed. Baron Emmanuel 'Toulo' de Graffenried took the car to his dealership Autohaus Garage Italauto SA in Lausanne, Switzerland. By October the car already had its first owner: Alfred Pinkas of Lausanne. And so began the 9069’s world tour. It travelled over the pond to Venezuela where José di Mase, a high-ranking official at the Banco Construccion in Caracas, became its new owner. During the banking crisis in the early 1990s, di Mase had to flee the country so he entrusted his car to Alvin Rafael Acevedo for safekeeping; Acevedo fell in love with it. After much effort and a legal battle, the car moved to the USA in November 2015. Eventually, this well-travelled Italian arrived at Bell Sport & Classic in Hertfordshire, England.

Its engine wasn’t working anymore and it had been resprayed blue. But... the car still had all of its original parts! It has taken three whole years to get this beauty back to its former glory. Ferrari restoration specialists Bell Sport & Classic have carried out a complete restoration to save this jewel and attain a perfect, better-than-new result. Every detail, even those that are tiny and invisible, has been restored and reconditioned. This chimes with the ethos and company philosophy of Bell Sport & Classic. Their effort has been rewarded with a win at the renowned 2022 Salon Privé Concours d'Elégance. Now a new journey can begin.

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