BMW R5 Hommage: Bringing an elegant classic into the present day

The BMW R5 Hommage is a custom motorcycle with a whole new dimension.

The engine was the only thing left over from the eighty-year-old BMW R5. After all, that was the core of the previous racing machine, carefully preserved by motorcycle enthusiast Sebastian Gutsch. It was a welcome challenge for the BMW design team and for custom bike specialists Ronny and Benny Noren. With some creative ideas, passion and plenty of craftsmanship, they created a homage to the outstanding motorcycle manufacturers of that era and to today’s excellent technology clothed in elegant design. Every detail and refinement of this exceptional, astounding individual piece inspires a yearning for the road.

At this year’s Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, there were so many fine classic cars and breathtaking motorbikes to admire for a luxury-loving audience. Even so, the connoisseur’s eye was immediately caught by the BMW R5 Hommage, presented to the public here for the first time. Its unique combination of a traditional craftsmanship aesthetic and the latest technical expertise creates a masterpiece of timeless beauty and visual elegance. The love of detail that has always driven its creators can be felt immediately. The legendary BMW R5, which was crucial in the development of motorcycle construction right up until the 1950s, has been reinterpreted and brought into the present, but without losing its true, pure character. Cernobbio in northern Italy, with its picturesque location on Lake Como, thus became the place for contemplation on the good old days of motorbikes. It was possible to take full delight in the sight of classical lines and clear proportions. The flash of the polished aluminium and the rich, deep black of BMW’s characteristic finish, contrasted against details in a deep shimmering smoke finish, intoxicated the senses. This rare piece shows how it is possible to maintain the character of the original model while also modernising it. The essentials of the original aesthetic are accentuated in simple, reduced forms; everything has emerged from careful craftsmanship and demonstrates a respectful treatment of a historical legacy. This is pure passion for the motorcycle: the essence of the thrilling BMW icon has been transported through skilful design into the present day.

This individual piece proves that the early BMW sports bikes have lost none of their allure. From the curve of the past, the BMW R5 Hommage shoots straight down the home straight of the present, and in that moment we involuntarily ask ourselves: when will a beautiful bike like this be back on the market?

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