Bovet 1822: Craftsmanship with maximum precision

A perfect start to the anniversary with luxury timepieces from Bovet

Here, the observer can look deep into the heart of the great art of watchmaking. Feel the sensitivity with which these artworks of timeless beauty are created. It is fascinating to see the performance of the individual elements; to marvel at how the complexity of the many tiny components forms a precise, working masterpiece of technology. The balance mechanism of the advancing time is framed by a massive ring. Absolute reliability of timekeeping is self-evident and does not constitute a contradiction in terms to the artistic processing of the most valuable, sought-after materials. Many new discoveries for fans of high-quality watches.

The history of origin of individually-worn watches permeates every detail of this high-quality timepiece from the Swiss manufacturer Bovet 1822. That the manual windup is always at 12 o’clock is more than just a nod to fine pocket watches, the precursor to the modern wristwatch. For the Bovet brothers built their reputation on high-quality, decorative pocket watches and founded a whole dynasty of master watchmakers. It was this legacy that Pascal Raffy felt committed to awakening from its slumber when he took over the company as sole proprietor in 2001. The traditional brand was reinvigorated and developed further, and now radiates with renewed splendour. Technical accuracy and emotions are expressed in the collections from Bovet and continue the spirit of its predecessors. Pascal Raffy has been fascinated by haute horlogerie since childhood and this passion makes him a genuine guarantor for the traditional craftsmanship and quality with which the special Bovet timepieces are still manufactured today. You could say: 'Here, watches tick a bit differently,' and better in fact, since they are not subject to fast-moving fashions, but instead have time to cultivate their own character. Manual work, care and in-depth knowledge are among the basic virtues and uphold the Bovet legends. In May this year, Pascal Raffy and his staff were able to look back on 195 years of watchmaking history. They celebrated this anniversary with new models and some surprising further developments.

The blue butterfly hovers gracefully over the mother-of-pearl on the clock face of this glamorous ladies’ watch. A rim made from diamonds gently catches it. The hand-painted motif is reminiscent of the romantic era in which the company was founded in 1822. The miniature painting has a long and cherished tradition at Bovet; the delicate paintings always refer to nature and are made into a work of art. Here, this tradition is linked masterfully and subtly with innovation, for the painting is an exclusive world premiere: the technically adept and artistic use of special luminescent colours makes the small masterpiece shine, enabling you to look at it both during the day and at night. The respect for tradition becomes even more apparent with the 'Virtuoso VIII'. Watches in this collection should – according to a statement by Bovet – 'take the traditional art of watchmaking to an even higher level of artistry', something that is obvious to the observer straight away. This model also has notable spectacular innovations, such as the watch glass opening; most of all, however, it shows the whole skill of the watchmaker. Together, the exposed titanium carriage, the hands for hours, minutes, seconds, the big date and the power reserve form a unique architecture. Added to this is the design: finely chiselled decoration, small screws, glistening like gemstones and housing in pink gold, white gold or platinum. Both models were created as limited editions for the anniversary year. They are worth their hefty price tag, because their entire appearance is an expression of particular finesse, an essence of passion for simply beautiful watches.

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