Bowflex VeloCore: Ride the bike and have fun

The Bowflex VeloCore gives personalised home training new momentum.

Let’s be honest, grey winter days are not particularly conducive to sporting activity. The outdoor season is over – is it now the time for monotonous treadmill training? Not at all! Because an innovative home trainer is now gaining attention. The Bowflex VeloCore offers indoor cycling in an unprecedented form. High-quality hardware and intelligent software are combined in a fitness solution that ensures good quality exercise – in every respect. Press a button and the bike goes into Lean mode: As the rider moves, it leans from side to side, which not only results in higher training efficiency but gives it a fabulous fun factor too.

Indoor cycling is trendy at the moment. Not surprising, as it is proven cardio training and easy on your joints too. But also one-sided and always the same. That’s why the people at Nautilus wanted more. The long-time experts for high-performance fitness machines wanted a solution that takes stationary cycling a step further. A machine that offers users new ways to make their training more successful and adventurous on a long-term basis. With the Bowflex VeloCore they have achieved this. The choice is yours: you can either pedal in the usual fashion on Stationary mode or press a switch and use the Bowflex VeloCore on Lean mode, which is quick to activate and makes the bike lean freely on both sides. This extends the movements of the riders – they no longer just use their leg muscles, but must also activate numerous other muscles in order to control the swing to the side. The result: a highly efficient workout for the whole body – including the trunk and upper body muscles – and a sensation that is almost like riding outside. The fact that this is not about marketing, but true effectiveness is confirmed by an independent study from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. According to this study, leaning in indoor cycling ensures a higher heart rate, increased muscle activation in several muscle groups and a 14% higher energy consumption level compared to training on a standard ergometer. Naturally all this is only possible with state-of-the-art high-tech. And artificial intelligence is also on board.

'It’s quite simple: the VeloCoreTM is a totally new kind of way to do cycling at home – it offers a completely adaptable experience. The bike is packed full of advanced technology and digital programmes to motivate, engage and entertain the rider. Our streamlined technology raises the fun factor and thereby the training success.'

Matteo Corrada, Bowflex Director International Sales

The Bowflex VeloCore is revolutionary thanks to its unique technological features. Via the high-resolution touchscreen, available in 16 or 22 inches, riders can access the JRNY platform, a ground-breaking in-house development. Thanks to the integrated AI, the fitness app raises personalised adaptive training to the next level: For each 30-minute training unit on the bike, around 500,000 data are collected, which the programme evaluates and uses to finetune the next training unit. Meaning that with every ride, a new learning effect and highly personalised training session is created, which continually adapts to the rider’s abilities and progress. You can 'sweeten' the training with coaching in real time, streaming entertainment from Netflix & co., or your choice of music. Or discover the world on more than 250 tours. Maybe you want to cycle through Tuscany or around Singapore at night? And after the Bowflex VeloCore ride, JRNY will get your body into shape with many more offers for full body workouts.

Bowflex SelectTech 1090i Dumbbells

No need for a space-filling gallery with different weights; no annoying changing of the discs: The Bowflex System SelectTech 1090i makes training with dumbbells easy and fast. The place-saving 70.5 cm long, 52 cm wide and 62.2 cm high stands offer two single dumbbells, which replace a total of 34 pairs of dumbbells. Via the patented adjustment system, an individual weight between 5 kg and 41 kg can be selected for each dumbbell, which is automatically loaded after input. The thermoplastic-coated dumbbells can then be conveniently removed from the stand and the training can start, which you might you also like to do with hundreds of trainer-led workout videos via the JRNY app. Simply put your tablet on the media rack, and off you go.

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