Bucherer: Pioneers of Beauty

The first Bucherer High Jewellery Collection as a homage to the founders

Two strong women who, with their passion and expertise for diamonds and gemstones, established the jewellery business of Maison Bucherer and the basis of its fame: one of them was Louise Bucherer, wife of the founder Carl F. Bucherer who, with her business acumen, redefined the identity of women at the time; the other was Wilhelmina, her daughter-in-law, who was affectionately known as Mina. With courage and a gifted eye for the beauty of precious gems, they were able to assert themselves in a male-dominated business world and the specialist domains of gemmology. They became revolutionary discoverers, crafting a new narrative in the history of beauty.

Inspired by the lively spirit, specialist expertise and thirst for adventure of the two female founders, this family-run company has created its first Haute Joaillerie (High Jewellery) Collection, a homage to Louise and Wilhelmina and their exceptional personalities. A collection of perfection for the modern, self-assured woman. Six pieces of jewellery with coloured gemstones and six diamond jewels are made with artisanal excellence and superb design in Bucherer’s studio. The centrepiece is the octagonal necklace in the shape of the celebrated Kapellbrücke water tower in Lucerne, a tribute to the company’s home city. Handmade using pure craftsmanship, its composition comprises countless individual components. The Louise necklace is another unique specimen: embedded in 1,246 diamonds, its centrepiece is a spectacular sapphire with exactly 18.88 carat, a nod to 1888, the year Bucherer was founded and the company’s magic lucky number.

The cocktail ring with its delicate aquamarine is a symbol of the two women’s thirst for life. 10.55 carat with a striking brilliance, surrounded by pastel-coloured sapphires that create harmonious sparkle. A rare combination, suffused with lightness like a glistening ocean. It is one of five colour variations and represents the free spirit shown by Louise and Wilhelmina Bucherer, because the term 'cocktail ring' dates back to the Prohibition era in 1920s America. As a sign of their solidarity, women wore eye-catching rings, thereby showing their silent support for the illegally held cocktail parties.

Bucherer shows its devotion to design too, with the glittering bracelet from its High Jewellery Collection. The intensively shining aquamarine from Santa Maria, Brazil with 17.96 carat is placed at the centre of the flowing design. Flanked by six blue sapphires and six green emeralds, it blends with a sea of 992 pavé diamonds into a beautifully modulated composition in shimmering perfection – like the ocean under the tropical sun. All 13 gemstones are cut in an octagonal shape, thereby reflecting Bucherer’s lucky number and history.

History of Bucherer Fine Jewellery

The long tradition of Bucherer Fine Jewellery is based on its aspiration to achieve the highest level of artistry and precision. The company has made a name for itself with timeless modern creations and a love of detail. All pieces are manufactured in Switzerland in partnership with gemmologists, designers and goldsmiths – true masters of their crafts. Their uniqueness stems from the fact that the stones are not only regarded as pure decoration, but their own expressive potential is recognised, representing a reflection of the personality of the wearer. This was exactly the special talent of Louise and Wilhelmina Bucherer. Mina travelled to the remotest regions of the world, particularly South America, to find the most unusual gemstones – by no means a matter of course during the early 1920s. But the independent Bucherer ladies did not conform to conventions or the usual perception of women during that era. Today Bucherer is rightly proud of this heritage and has therefore officially incorporated the foundation year 1888 into its company name. With the newly designed first High Jewellery Collection, Bucherer is now writing a new chapter in its company history. The pieces are presented in the first Bucherer High Jewellery Boutique, which will be opening in November – perfectly in time for Christmas – in a prime location in Frankfurt’s Goethestrasse. An exclusive address for these iconic pieces.

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