Christof Schmidt Photography: Lightmove

Christof Schmidt's analogue path to moving and rare nature shots

Time seems to stand still. Alone with nature you can feel her breath. The senses follow the course of the sun and moon reverently and patiently. The mountains rest in their timeless grandeur and above them the endless sky pitches its tent. The endless expanse of the Alps gives a feeling of freedom and humility. Thoughts float along with the clouds and become calm. The cool morning air warms up with the increasing rays of sun. A relaxed beauty embraces the spirit and creates the desire to share this impressive natural experience with other people. This is the central motif in Christof Schmidt’s photography project: the movement of light - LIGHT-MOVE. Using analogue technology and exposure times of up to two hours, he creates spectacular mountain shots, which are released as fine art prints in very limited editions.

Christof Schmidt regards himself as a nature lover. Growing up in the North German countryside, he sought adventure in nature at an early age, accompanied by his camera. His path led him to Zurich and since then he has enjoyed discovering the Alps. He captures them with his analogue large format camera, turning them into art.

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