Christophe Claret: Time Travel of Fantasies

Inspiring design and technical perfection by Christophe Claret

Christophe Claret reaches ultimate perfection with playful ease. The experienced creator of exclusive watches founded his own luxury brand in 1991 so he could see the eyes of collectors and enthusiasts light up. Today, the successful manufacturer lives in Le Locle, Switzerland, where he is able to bring his creativity to life and realise his ideas. He loves being innovative and putting the personal touch on his creations. There will always be surprises to discover in the future, too – for women and for men. Fine materials and ingenious design form an alliance in a class of its own.

The women’s watch 'Marguerite 37 mm' is a delightful declaration of love for all your romantic feelings. Butterflies flutter on the hands over daisy meadows made from countless diamonds. In the heart of the watch face, the pomegranate-red version accentuates the ruby; an amethyst adorns the version in velvety purple. Instead of the time display, a hidden, individual message or inscription appears at the touch of a button. The back of the watch also continues the flower motif: punctuated slightly, it gives you an idea of what the mechanism looks like inside. It emerges as a love oracle and reveals whether he loves me or loves me not. This limited edition will seduce you with playful poetry.

The men’s model 'Maestro' will win you over with its masterful precision. The tradition of raised watch complications gives it an unconventional dynamic and youthful spirit. In complex movements, the mechanic work of art advances time and creates subtle passion. Power and technology combine with excellence and aesthetics to create a superb performance in four acts: Firstly, the wow effect is guaranteed. The panorama then opens up the clockwork architecture. The timepiece is already indispensable. And lastly, you can choose between a warm feeling and a cool look in rose gold or titanium, in red or blue anodised aluminium.

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