Colour and feel in perfect harmony

Absolutely stunning – exceptional interior design

There are opportunities you simply can’t let pass you by. One such opportunity is when Widmer Wohnen opens its doors to one of their latest projects and gives an insight into exquisite interior design. If you don’t yet know the renowned Swiss interior design company, one look at these rooms and you’ll soon see: They are unique. Their team of experts achieve a level that is unparalleled and redefines individuality. State-of-the-art has long since ceased to be enough to describe their rooms, which always come up with the unexpected.

The Widmer home experts are strategists, artists, planners, creatives, artisans and technicians all in one. The work they do doesn’t just need to meet customer satisfaction standards; for them, it’s actually about far exceeding the client’s expectations. You can see how that works here – in the handpicked materials, in their extraordinary designs, in their innovative, invisible combinations and exciting contrasts. Brushed oak covered in gold leaf or copper is specially treated and then used to embellish walls, alcoves and front panels. A unique table they have designed themselves is cast entirely in bronze and is a real eye-catcher when placed in the large living area. Here the archaic charm of a wall covered floor to ceiling in rough Jurassic Crosta granite fits in perfectly with the integrated fireplace. The free-standing copper bath in the ensuite master bathroom, elegantly adorned with a Dornbracht fitting in antique finish, gleams as a distinctive eye-catcher and a conscious break in style; a slight hint of tradition in an otherwise contemporary, stylish environment. Together with the wood and stone, leather takes up its place in the trio of natural materials used: The bedside tables, another exclusive creation made in-house by Widmer Wohnen, are upholstered in the most sophisticated saddle leather.

Nature clearly plays a central role in the interior design of all the rooms, conveying warmth and a welcoming atmosphere. Harmonious yet bold: Fresh accents in various shades of blue can be found everywhere and are so to say the common thread of it all. Here, the La Cornue kitchen makes a particular statement: Under the extractor fan made of wrought iron, the turquoise front panels on the island radiate a sense of lightness – a successful contrast to the antique black wood stove and the New Palmira Black granite of the worktops and walls. Break with convention, think outside the box and break new ground – these are Widmer Wohnen’s guiding principles. They are recognisable in bold creations and innovative process techniques – for example, when a granite block with a roughly broken crust is amazingly used as a wall covering or a cover in the bathroom. When wash basins are carved out from solid blocks and are presented with a leather finish inside, whose delicate texture is reminiscent of touching leather. Or when randomly laid mosaic pieces border on straight oak. Freedom of style at the highest level.

And just when you think there couldn’t possibly be any more, another incredibly harmonious and uniquely designed room unfolds. True to the motto 'There’s no such thing as can’t', Widmer Wohnen’s room design is full of unknown facets for you to discover that will inspire, fascinate and enthuse you. And as is so often the case, it is detail that really makes the difference: Fabrics and textures, feel and colours, interiors, lighting and accessories – everything follows the holistic principle, embracing the customer’s wishes, building on them and taking them to the next level. This includes high-precision planning, exclusive custom-made products and first-class processing. Comfort knows no bounds: It could be the sauna and fitness landscape, the wine cellar, the bar or even an aeroplane as a bed. Despite the exciting variety of materials and shapes, the unity is maintained and the harmony of every room remains sacrosanct. The combination of pure elegance, inviting cosiness and visionary extravagance characterises the epitome of their uniqueness. Not really that surprising – it was the work of the expert team at Widmer Wohnen.

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