Design language: 'Athletic Elegance'

The Genesis design study gives us a preview of the future of the convertible.

It's always exciting when a carmaker unveils a new design study – after all, it gives us a hint of what to expect in the near future in terms of technology, aesthetics and comfort. With the Genesis X Convertible, the Korean premium brand presents its third electric concept, following the X Concept and the X Speedium Coupé, thereby venturing into the world of electrified convertible models. The familiar details make it immediately apparent that the company has remained true to its claim of 'Athletic Elegance'. Different – for a better future.

GENESIS [ Creation, Origination, Birth ]

Forward-thinking e-mobility in the convertibles sector – and a clear affirmation of the brand’s characteristic design DNA: The design study of the Genesis X Convertible reveals the vibrant proportions that we are already familiar with from the series models as well as the laterally extended two-line LED headlights – a hallmark of the brand. Similarly, the further development via the lateral parabolic line, the familiar, distinct radiator crest grille and the wheels with the G-Matrix pattern establish a link to the 'Athletic Elegance' philosophy. The unique folding hardtop roof, on the other hand, is a new departure: the glass panels give the front occupants of this luxurious four-seater a feeling of heavenly freedom, even when the hood is closed. The concave-elliptical shape of the tailgate, with integrated spoiler, is striking. Naturally, the allusion to a crest, implemented by a V-shaped indentation, is also a must at the rear. The pearlescent finish in Crane White colour pays noble homage to this bird, an important cultural symbol of Korea.


The design of the interior is inspired by the architecture of traditional Korean roofs: the main interior colour is Giwa Navy, a dark blue named after the typically Korean roof tiles; it is used for both the trim, manufactured from recyclable wool fabric, and the smooth leather seats. Finely tuned stitching in Dancheon Orange creates a modern contrast in the interior and another link to the country’s culture – this striking colour is used as a decorative border on traditional Korean wooden buildings. Special emphasis has been placed on the driver’s personal space: thanks to the arrangement of the instruments, the driver enjoys a high level of comfort and an intense driving experience. The latter may also be attributable to the performance of the future Genesis X Convertible: with a top speed of up to 260 km/h, acceleration to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds, 800-volt fast-charging technology and a maximum range of around 500 km, long-lasting, dynamic driving pleasure is guaranteed.

The current concept car makes it clear once again that Genesis is underpinned by decades of expertise in automotive engineering. Although the premium brand itself is still young, as a subsidiary of the renowned Hyundai Group it is part of a global corporation – and an incomparable success story. It began with Chung Ju-Yung (1915 - 2001), who grew up as a farmer’s son and became a visionary, constantly developing unconventional ideas, always optimistic, full of energy, unstoppable – even through crises and wars. Rice trading, car repair and road, bridge, ship and port construction were finally followed by the Hyundai Motor Company in 1967. The company not only conquered Korea, but also the world market in a short space of time.


Chung Ju-Yung's entrepreneurship, characterised by courage and foresight, and his stated philosophy that the greatest advances come from mistakes and setbacks, and should therefore be welcomed, have transcended industrial and technological boundaries time and again. Today, the Hyundai Motor Group is one of the top 3 automotive companies in the world and a global leader in electric mobility. Genesis has lived up to this pioneering role in the premium segment since 2015. The luxury brand is also on the rise in Europe and points the way to the company's automotive future, which is to be exclusively electric by 2025. The company currently manufactures three electric models: the Electrified GV60, the Electrified GV70 and the Electrified G80.


If you are fascinated by 'Athletic Elegance' and the sustainable luxury of the Genesis fleet, you can find more information in its excellent studios located in Zurich, Basel and now Geneva. You quickly notice that the Genesis credo 'Different. Better.' is valued there too – starting with the special atmosphere of the homely interiors, the exceptionally sophisticated quality of the assistance offered there and a profound understanding of the nature of service, which values prospective purchasers and existing customers as guests. Genesis takes its commitment to sustainability seriously at the level of long-term customer relationships too. It's clear that thanks to outstanding product and service quality, the distinctive Genesis models are being seen more and more frequently on the roads here. Let's hope that the latest design study will soon supplement the current model range. Seeing the all-electric Genesis X Convertible – open or with the glass roof closed – cruise through the streets with zero noise and emissions, admiring its flowing lines and dynamic sportiness, or, even better, feeling the breeze and the scent of summer while at the wheel oneself, yes, that would definitely be a successful enrichment. Korean design combined with state-of-the-art future technology: what a combination!

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