Devialet Phantom: Super Sound in Gold

The latest Gold Phantom from Devialet – an audio experience at voice70

The technical developments of the past few years have made it possible to have a totally new type of music experience in the home. Streaming services, multi-room systems, app controls and much more all hold the promise of care-free control of your music – and all at the press of a button. But it turns out it’s not quite so simple after all. There seem to be so many companies offering so many different possibilities. How do I navigate my way through this jungle of choices to find what suits me? I’d like the best on the market, something that fits elegantly into my home and all for an affordable price. So I need the help of a specialist. And for that, voice70 is just the right choice.

In their contemporary showroom in Winterthur – well-known across the region for its top-quality HiFi, multi-room systems and home cinemas – owners Thomas and Irene Flammer introduce me to the numerous models. Products by top brands such as Devialet, Piega, Sonus Faber and others can be tried out and compared there and then. The design of the brand-new Devialet Gold Phantom puts me straight under its spell, and its sound is fascinating. The technology, some of which has been improved even further, and the enhanced performance from its 4,500 Watts make it superior to all its predecessors. The connection to a tablet or smartphone is as easy as pie and it’s done with a touch of humour too: when the loudspeaker is recognised on connection, it confirms this by moving the two side subwoofers. The high-quality coaxial mid-high range system built in at the front produces a particularly uniform sound. Its heavy solid construction, a sign of its superb quality, builds up an enormous pressure within that can then really be felt from outside. With the Devialet Dialog accessories, up to 24 Phantom loudspeakers can be connected and synchronised to enable your music experience to be heard all over the house. The entire loudspeaker network can be controlled with the remote control or with the app. And to complete the product range, there are some surprising accessories. It’s clear that the Gold Phantom from this French company, which produces all its equipment in France, is currently the best on the market. The product and the advice from voice70 have convinced me: this is the centre for sophisticated music lovers.

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