Manufactories united in elegance

Same values; fresh accents: Dornbracht puts its trust in inspirational partnerships.

Reliability and zeitgeist. It’s not so easy to reconcile these two requirements simultaneously, is it? Dornbracht achieves it as a matter of course: the leading provider of high-quality design fittings and accessories has always put its trust in precious, long-lasting materials and superb workmanship, thereby creating iconic masterpieces with its manufacturing quality. But the company certainly doesn’t rest on its laurels. Innovative further developments and fresh accents are always in the pipeline – currently in exciting cooperations with renowned partners.

To develop exclusive unique pieces with excellent craftsmanship and high aesthetics, always focusing on sustainable, high-quality solutions for customers: this is Dornbracht’s declared aim and defines its corporate values. Values that it shares with its new cooperation partners. And so the collaboration with Nature Squared is a perfect fit: the design brand is fully committed to sustainability and develops the finest surfaces and highly elegant marquetry art from natural materials that were previously unremarkable waste products. Integrated into the handles of the Dornbracht MEM fittings series is an exciting interplay of colours, contrasts and depth – with new, multifaceted possibilities for interior design. The same is true of the Italian manufactory Glass Design: the partnership with experienced craftsmen and skilled glassmakers and their expertise in creating the finest bathroom elements in glass and crystal gives the MEM handles a premium look of crystalline transparency. Realised in either minimalist simplicity or inspiring ice crystal opulence, they are a visual highlight and a type of modern, functional art you can touch.

German engineering expertise meets Italian craftsmanship tradition and sustainable design art. Together to a new richness: although there is already a wide selection of elegant metallic surfaces for Dornbracht fittings, the partnerships are creating extended and unexpected combinations. In the MEM series, for example, chrome, platinum, brushed brass (23ct gold), champagne (22ct gold), brushed dark platinum and dark chrome are now joined by finely ribbed or strikingly polished glass, nuanced iridescent mother-of-pearl or light eggshells for the handles. There is a good chance that interior designers will find just the right detail for their discerning clientele in Dornbracht’s latest customised products, with that certain extra something to emphasise the desired atmosphere in the bathroom. The desire for the zeitgeist will be fulfilled, as well as for sustainable, reliable quality.

Nature Squared: founded in 2000 by Paul Hoeve and Lay Koon Tan, this Swiss-based company produces sustainable interior objects and surface designs using traditional craftsmanship and innovative technical solutions. The company follows a consistent ethical approach, which rethinks nature, materiality and luxury and takes the greatest responsibility for nature and the environment. Only environmentally friendly, natural waste materials, such as plant fibres, feathers, shells and eggshells, are used. They form the basis for an elaborate craftsmanship that expresses the natural beauty of the materials. In addition to the interior collection, Nature Squared creates bespoke surfaces for residential properties, super yachts and private jets. And for Dornbracht fittings.

GLASS DESIGN Based in Vinci, in the heart of Tuscany, the manufactory is renowned for its excellence. Over 200 craftspeople and around 15 glassmakers from Murano produce exclusive furnishings for bathrooms and related areas, which are exported to more than 60 countries. Founded in 1984, the company is still owned by the Borsellini family, who continue the artistic tradition of manufacturing glass and crystal with experience, knowledge and skilled specialists. Washbasins, bathtubs, cupboards, mirrors, accessories, handles and knobs: each of the masterfully crafted pieces is a true statement of Italian design and craftsmanship, and defines the manufactory's high quality standards. Glass Design is now also contributing its outstanding expertise as a partner of Dornbracht.

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