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From a floor plan to a walk-in virtual world of experience: HEGIAS makes it possible.

Anyone planning a private construction project begins with individual planning by the architect, who combines the client’s own wishes with the geographical conditions and building regulations. Although we have long since arrived in the digital age, these plans are still predominantly created as two-dimensional drawings. Everything needs be perfect – but it’s hard to imagine a floor plan as a three-dimensional room.

giving building contractors inspiration for the state-of-the-art realisation of their real estate projects

Not everyone has a good spatial understanding. Reading a floor plan is one thing, but can you work out if the window is too small, the door is too close to the wall, or the light switches are too high? Even after planning approval, discussions and site meetings still take place during the construction phase to clarify questions that may suddenly arise and or to make necessary changes. Perhaps one aspect or another needs to be optimised? After all, the property must prove itself in the long term. Everything needs to be correct – this requires time, money and nerves. In the end, you're glad you made it despite a few compromises. When we started a real estate project ourselves some time ago, it was clear: there has to be a better solution. One in which all details are precisely determined before construction starts. So we created a 3D plan with our architect and found an expert who can bring space to life digitally: HEGIAS.


Welcome to the virtual room HEGIAS is a problem-solver. It is a cloud-based and browser-based application, currently unique worldwide, which converts the 3D data of an individually planned real estate project into 1:1 walkable worlds of experience. In doing so, HEGIAS VR automatically processes all digital source planning data and builds an exact visualisation from it, a mirror-image room scenario. Put your VR goggles on – and off you go into the virtual reality of your future rooms with all their details, which you can see, check and change.

Is the façade attractive? Is the room layout optimal? Are the planned materials and surfaces well chosen? Do wall colours and wallpapers harmonise with the natural incidence of light and likewise with the lighting concept? HEGIAS makes it easy to find answers to important questions like these. The visual experience feels like walking through a show house that has been built according to your own ideas, while in reality, not even the digging has started. You can check every smallest detail in advance in terms of aesthetics and functionality, and try out different versions, thus avoiding mistakes and finding the best solution – even on the smallest surfaces. With the cloud-based tool, nothing is left to chance, all dimensions are rendered in detail and the sightlines correspond to real eye level. Available on an annual subscription basis, the programme offers many features and expansion options: for example, you can see the cubature of the structure in its environment and walk through empty rooms. Materials and interiors can be imported from the HEGIAS library using drag and drop. This can be supplemented with 3D CAD files of desired brand products or also with your own uploaded images of parquet, natural stone flooring or furniture. The VR experience with HEGIAS is real inspiration – and an impressive decision-making aid.

Virtual reality made by HEGIAS: as an alternative to a walking tour with VR glasses, the three-dimensional worlds of experience can also be called up and explored on a PC screen, tablet or smartphone.

Virtual showroom Imagine you are buying a residential apartment that is part of a planned newly built apartment complex. The floor plan has been decided and matches your preferences. Now it’s time to choose the furnishing and materials. Usually the seller offers various product lines as part of the contractual construction specification and invites you to a sampling where you choose what you want from a row of samples: tiles and parquet, sanitary ceramics and fittings, mirrors and switches. Which can be a real challenge. How will the petrol-coloured tiles look in the small guest bathroom? Does the backlit crystal mirror create sufficient light? Is there a way to see what it will look like in the end? The answer: Yes! With the HEGIAS system solution, your sampling consultation reaches a whole new level: as a buyer, you 'virtually' enter your future apartment, which corresponds exactly to your planned floor plan. Together with your consultant, you can now try out all the furnishing options available, room by room. Combine colours and patterns, styles and furnishing elements and explore the effect the resulting room atmosphere has on you at different times of the day and night. Once you have found your favourites, you can view each finished room concept again from all perspectives and save it as a personal final version. HEGIAS makes the future visual and real, immerses you in a dynamic experience and gives you the secure feeling of making the right decision.

See in advance what you want to build or buy: HEGIAS’ technology points the way to the future of the Metaverse. Hollywood-style streaming and interaction – for perfect room concepts and maximum decision-making reliability.

HEGIAS – areas of operation
Founded in Zurich in 2017, the company has quickly moved beyond its start-up status and is now in demand internationally as a tech service provider for the construction and real estate industries. With the world’s first automated and cloud-based content management system solution, HEGIAS offers a hitherto unique tool that allows individually planned real estate projects to be experienced realistically and pictorially with virtual reality – both indoors and outdoors as well as in the context of their surroundings. The HEGIAS interior landscapes are nothing like commonly used, very complex and sugar-coated visualisations and illustrations commonly deployed in real estate marketing. Instead, they depict the real planning situation in 3D streaming and image solutions. This is of interest to architects and specialist planners, but also for urban planning and site development; for private builders and property developers, project developers and construction companies; institutional investors and public bodies; suppliers in the interior design trade and real estate marketers. They all benefit from valuable efficiency in terms of benefits, time and cost. Building permit procedures can thus be accelerated and official channels shortened. Hospitals now rely on HEGIAS to check the requirements for walkways, door widths or fire protection via usage simulation; planners of industrial buildings, to determine the optimal situation for machines, delivery logistics and employees. Planning reliability at the push of a button.

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