Favre-Leuba: Summiteer

On the way to his personal Mount Olympus with watches by Favre-Leuba

When you meet Philippe Roten, it’s immediately obvious just how fired up he is for his job. The passionate sportsman became the new CEO of the Swiss watch manufacturer Favre-Leuba at the start of 2020. But: this man doesn’t just represent this brand, he lives it. He captures its wit and its spirit of discovery, taking the step towards an exciting and modern present day, with mechanical watches full of meaning. With his international experience and unique energy, he is responsible for a distinguished line of luxury and a spirit of adventure that’s bursting with confidence. A new era is dawning for this traditional company – using the energy from the past to reach the heights of the future.

Favre-Leuba: From the outset this name has stood for a pioneering spirit, creative ideas, technical innovation and courage to forge ahead. A company philosophy is born, together with a tradition that has followed the company down the generations. The 19th century pocket watches are little masterpieces and Henry Auguste Favre sets out on a journey around the world with the aim of establishing branches on practically every continent – a global network and a vision that his successors have benefited from to this day. At Favre-Leuba, the famous mastery of the Swiss watch manufacturer is combined with a passion for climbing mountains. It is also the time to make discoveries. The bravura of technical skill becomes especially apparent in 1962 when the Bivouac is launched on the market, a wristwatch that can do something that’s never been seen before: it can measure heights! You can go up to 3,000 metres with its extremely accurate, integrated altimeter. And as if that wasn’t enough, it also comes with a built-in barometer. What’s revolutionary about it – apart from the ingenuity of its development, which has made the watch unique for decades – is the new quality and safety it offers summiteers of the Alps and mountains worldwide. It is used to make decisions that can save lives. That was the case for Michel Vaucher, a mountain guide from Geneva, and the Italian mountaineer Walter Bonatti on the almost vertical north face of the Pointe Whymper. Their Bivouac showed a change in the weather. Instead of continuing their climb, they looked for a safe place to camp – and survived a heavy snowstorm. Two days later, they were able to enjoy the triumph of their first ascent. They overcame the apparent limitations of human capability, just like their watch, which was invaluable to them. But rather than stopping at this success, Favre-Leuba sets out to conquer new heights.

Historical Bivouac, 1962
Historical Bathy Diving Watch, 1968
FAVRE-LEUBA – Second oldest Swiss Watch Brand

The legendary Bivouac becomes a role model, setting a new milestone in 2017. On its 280th anniversary,
Favre-Leuba succeeds in building bridges into a new era. That this also works mechanically is evidenced by a new technical masterpiece from the Swiss watch producer: The Raider Bivouac 9000 – a tribute to its predecessors – catapults Favre-Leuba once again to the top, setting new records with its built-in altimeter. Precision up to 9,000 metres high! It pays homage to courageous people who dare to aim high. The Raider Bivouac thus becomes the first mechanical watch with an altimeter and barometer on Mount Everest and K2, achieving this with an aneroid barometer with a mechanical pressure valve, which works very precisely; ingenious technology that is rare to see. The case is made from titanium, is waterproof and can tolerate extreme temperatures – in short, a reliable partner. Reliable also because its mechanism has been reduced down to as few components as possible, apart from the power reserve display (60 hours), a complication that reminds you that the watch needs winding up. And the comparably large diameter of 48 millimetres makes it very easy to read, which is particularly important when you are under water. Because with the maritime companion Raider Bathy, you can go down really deep. It measures accurately up to 120 metres and dive time is displayed. The mountaineering and diving watches from Favre-Leuba – the Solothurn Think Tank – are unbeatable toolwatches for sailors, adventurers, pilots and explorers. In their design, form follows function; the strong colours are functional, the hands are striking. The clear, timeless look combines retro-futuristic tradition and modernity – grey on grey or black on black for the Raider Bivouac, blue/black/grey for the Raider Bathy. Repeatedly tested by major alpinists such as the famous Swiss mountaineer and mountain guide Ueli Bühler, the brand is fit for modern times. The same applies to the many other models. With inventiveness, perfection and dedication, Favre-Leuba has developed its own signature.

Raider Bivouac 9000
Philippe Roten, CEO

'Trust yourself.' – the charisma of the Favre-Leuba brand in the current campaign. Under the motto of the latest line 'Sky Chief', watches from Favre-Leuba have become a companion for people in their daily lives. At least as many adventures are there to be had – both professionally and privately. The chronographs in an autumn colour palette are a reliable partner on the wrists of the women and men who wear them. With self-confidence, inner strength and courage. In self-belief and a belief in their own capabilities, just as the founding fathers of Favre-Leuba had. Open to risk in all aspects of their lives. Decisive, positive and full of life. With style and optimism. The fresh, unconventional look with unusual colours between burgundy red and root brown, sandy beige and khaki green, velvet black and porcelain white is the unique selling point of this collection, emphasised with expressive suede leather. It gives the freedom to be ourselves. Favre-Leuba is a watch manufacturer with ground-breaking technology since 1737 – 'Trust Favre-Leuba'.

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