Ferrari 812 Superfast: Fast-paced work of art in action

Taking the Ferrari 812 Superfast to the 'Bad Ragartz' Sculpture Triennial

How can you exceed the maximum? How can you improve upon perfection? These questions come up out of the blue when the new Superfast from Ferrari is mentioned. What’s special about this car? Its muscular look is decidedly pleasing: the aerodynamic lines of the design are elegantly balanced while maintaining a well-defined structure. They give an early inkling of what’s under the bonnet. Its classic beauty is found in the symmetry that runs from the air vents in the bonnet, through the air ducts on the flanks, to the wonderful parallel interplay between lights and pipes on the high tail section.

And now, it’s time to really put your foot down. The 12-cylinder engine technology delivers a breathtaking 800 HP and quickly sends chills up my spine. The top speed of 340 km per hour makes a clear and totally unambiguous statement. Front diffusers, underbody, flow channel, back spoiler – all elements are so ingenious and were especially developed to create this exceptional vehicle. The technical sophistication of all the details makes air resistance almost non-existent, acceleration is magical, and I am overwhelmed by an irrepressible desire to drive. The 812 Superfast is the most powerful and fastest Ferrari ever built in series production. From zero to one hundred in 2.9 seconds, from zero to two hundred in 7.9 seconds – driving a Superfast is no mean feat...

From the very first time you drive it, the 812 Superfast screams at you: let’s get right to the point. The new Ferrari is anything but shy. But with all its sleek sportiness, the fact remains that you will want to keep sitting in this car. It's a luxurious driving experience, with an interior design which is modern, sporty and elegant. All its amenities are of course at your disposal. So we go for a spin up to Stuttgart for the weekend and see how it fares on the German Autobahns. My red side-kick shows me how its done: Track mode on and off. Bold and assertive, the Superfast conquers the road. The power machine flares aggressively with a hiss and takes over of the asphalt stretching out in front of it. The vehicle’s dynamics are overwhelming. Extreme performance paired with outstanding technical implementation – this Superfast just bursts with superlatives. It is a delightful feeling to master this metal beast, to feel its power and to bring it under my control. The love that Ferrari specialists bring to their work can be seen in its every fibre. They have skilfully applied their hard-won knowledge of racing to the road. The result is impressive acceleration and excellent manoeuvrability – at the same time. The passionate concept of the 812 Superfast is clearly defined and will be another success story for Ferrari. But it is also easy to handle in city traffic and is sure to attract attention. And there’s room in the boot for more than just your toothbrush. Presenting this object of desire is something I take to heart, and a friend’s tip at the photo shoot comes in handy: the works of art for the 7th Swiss Triennial Festival of Sculpture are being installed in Bad Ragaz. A perfect environment for my motorised work of art, which also resembles a sculpture. For the last 18 years, the Hohmeister family has been organising this marvellous 'Bad Ragartz' event with great passion and commitment. And the motto of arts patron Rolf Hohmeister, to regard it as a strength not to sacrifice tradition to a love of the new, fits perfectly with Ferrari’s philosophy, which constantly works to build on its strengths in innovative ways, while remaining true to its brand. Countless well-known artists from all over the world will be sharing their art with a large audience in an outdoor exhibition up until 4 November. Over four hundred sculptural treasures will be on display at this event. It is truly a suitable place to present 'my' masterpiece by the Italian car manufacturer. And after those thousand or so kilometres we spent together, I have to say: Superfast! We’re going to have to call the next one Hyperfast. A titan of the road.

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