Ferrari GTC4Lusso T: Passion and Love

With 610 horsepower to the fast-paced anniversary of the Italian noble thoroughbreds

Vivid red, extremely quick and very elegant: when I think of Ferrari, this is what it evokes. Unbridled power and Italian temperament meet pure luxury. This year, the Italian automotive manufacturer is celebrating its seventieth birthday; in other words, celebrating its unwavering energy and vast innovation. The 'Passione Engadina Tribute' – which pays homage to the unique racing car brand – is proof of this: the weekend of 25 to 27 August is completely dedicated to Ferrari models of 1981 vintage or younger. Ferrari has already provided me with a suitable vehicle for my arrival: I am testing the Ferrari GTC4Lusso T.

I encounter the Ferrari GTC4Lusso T for the first time and I must confess: it’s love at second sight. The silhouette doesn’t have the familiar appearance of a Ferrari. But I am willing to be convinced and happy to try out the new innovation from Ferrari. And when driving it, I notice straight away: it’s a real Ferrari! Acceleration, responsiveness, agility – everything is there. But that’s not all. The Ferrari GTC4Lusso T is a fully-fledged four-seater with enough leg room in the back and a sufficiently large boot. This Ferrari model easily combines sporty driving with suitability for everyday use: Do you want to take the children to school in a Ferrari? Or go on a trip out with the parents-in-law? The comfort and luxurious interior of the GTC4Lusso T is perfect for these things. The ultimate sports car for the whole family as it were. And the luxury lives up to its name. The creators have gone all out to develop something really extraordinary. Optional features like the dual-cockpit architecture, which means you can talk shop with your passenger about the performance data, are great fun. And you really must have the panoramic roof. It gives the inside of the car a pleasant spacious feel and provides new perspectives. Just superb!

The 'Passione Engadina Tribute' programme starts on the Friday with the arrival of the participants in St. Moritz. My journey has already been perfect and so I’m excited about what will happen next. The 'Tribute', organised by the Passione team together with the top specialist Ferrari dealer Kessel, is a superior-class event in honour of Ferrari held in addition to the 'Passione Engadina Classic', now in its sixth year: All models produced between 1 January 1981 and 30 June 2017 are on show – from the 512 BBi to the very latest 812 Superfast; a total of 73 fine 'race horses' from the best Italian company. An unbelievable project! On Saturday, it finally gets underway – and with the highlight of the weekend, the Kessel Challenge. This comprises three competitions: a classic time trial on the runways at Engadin Airport in Samedan; driving skills’ tests at the S-Chanf military base; and a 150 kilometre route through the Engadin. As an experienced moderator, Passione founder and organiser Paolo Spalluto leads us through the programme. Being as knowledgeable as he is eloquent, he manages the whole event with great passion. He is a true Ferrari enthusiast. And in the literal sense of the word, all participants quickly get down to business and show which stable their dream cars come from. The challenge is an exciting task, whilst also being a declaration of love for the legendary Italian luxury racing car brand that captivates us with its exclusive style and sporty elegance. The Sunday starts with the 'Ferrari Driving Experience' from Samedan to St. Moritz, followed by a police escort convoy through the village centre. Finally, the vehicles are exhibited in the park in front of the Kulm Country Club. In the afternoon, it is time to take our leave. Ciao, belli cavalli. Until the next time.

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