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Private jet or helicopter always available: with Flexjet’s Shared Ownership Programme

The crew greets me with a smile as I enter the cabin of the Praetor 600 and sit down on one of the soft leather seats. Barely 15 minutes have passed since my arrival at the airport and this modern private jet is already taxiing to the runway. The independence from scheduled flight timetables and fast check-in generate immense time savings and flexibility, especially for frequent flyers. Having a state-of-the-art jet or helicopter for your planned route available at short notice, exactly when you need it: that’s the comfort that Flexjet offers. The private aviation company enables you to access its fleet through a Shared Ownership Programme.

Flexjet's customised business model is the answer to the growing demand for individual travel: today from London to New York; tomorrow from Geneva to Dubai; next week from Amsterdam to Cannes – these (and of course many other) flight routes are as easy and quick to plan as if you owned your own jet. Because you don’t need to: with Flexjet, you become a shareholder in an entire ultra-modern fleet and acquire a fixed annual quota of flight hours over a set time period – with guaranteed availability in 12 or 24 hours, depending on the ownership model selected. There’s no need to worry about maintenance and safety. And after the contract expires, your own shares will be returned to Flexjet. So it’s an investment with many advantages in an established US company founded in 1995, which has also been growing strongly in Europe for many years.

My flight in the Praetor 600 impressively demonstrates the high standards of the Flexjet fleet. With its remarkable power when climbing and its state-of-the-art technology systems, which balance out turbulence and ensure pleasant & smooth flights, the machine is a true trailblazer. The cabin is impressive, thanks to its generous height and an interior design from LXi Cabin Collection® which was created exclusively for Flexjet and corresponds to that of an elegant boutique hotel. Up to 9 people can be comfortably accommodated here and fully equipped sleeping areas can also be set up. Thanks to the continuously filtered fresh air supply and the comparatively low flight altitude, the indoor climate in the cabin remains pleasant throughout and you travel without dry air and symptoms of fatigue. Stable high-speed internet is included, making it an ideal time to catch up on work. In between, the cabin staff will spoil you with fine meals and drinks to go with them – often from the region or tailored to the passengers’ preferences. In addition to excellent service, Flexjet also focuses on a trailblazing sustainability programme that goes far beyond the usual compensation measures. So it’s no wonder that demand is constantly growing: more than 10.000 customers – and counting – are currently under contract with Flexjet. Shared luxury, maximum flexibility.

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