Stillness as a philosophy

A luxurious haven of peace, hidden in the mountain forests of South Tyrol: the FORESTIS

Listen to the silence. Yes, it’s possible. At an altitude of 1.800 metres, surrounded by dense mountain forests, face to face with the mighty rocky peaks of the Dolomites. 'In these noisy times, silence becomes a place of longing,' say the hosts of FORESTIS, Teresa and Stefan. They have created a special wellspring of energy up here; the perfect place to experience pristine nature in all its greatness and clarity, and to discover new perspectives within. And so three tree-high towers rise out of the forest, paying the highest respect to its aesthetics and making a statement for this hideaway that defines luxury in a quiet way.

You arrive here. In the truest sense of the word, because nothing distracts from the simple, pure beauty of the South Tyrolean nature and the mindful architecture of FORESTIS, which preserves its solitude like a treasure, high above Bressanone. The listed building, sun-browned and weather-beaten, bears witness to its past, when a sanatorium was to be built at this special location during the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. These days it is your first port of call, housing the reception, bar and lounge, which welcome guests with a cosy warmth and is your route to the rooms and suites located here. Since 2020, tradition has been complemented by modernity – with three tower suites, rising upwards spectacularly and yet harmoniously, integrated into their forest surroundings like mighty tree trunks. Inside the hotel, energy flows all around; unhindered, thanks to the consciously minimalist decor. Everywhere you go, you breathe in the ethereal fragrance of wood, feel the peace and quiet, recharge your batteries and enjoy – with all your senses.

FORESTIS. A name and a promise that seems to be already fulfilled on the drive from Bressanone, winding up through the lush green forested slopes of the Ploseberg. On reaching the top, you are hardly prepared for the natural spectacle that awaits you: No matter where you are – in the suites or penthouses, on the terraces, in the spa, pool or restaurant – you always have a clear view of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the jagged giants of the Dolomites, and the vast mountain forests all around. In keeping with this backdrop, forest and nature characterise the guiding theme of the hotel, which is visible everywhere: on the outer facade and in the interior design where natural materials such as local timber, woven fabrics and stone dominate the picture. In the lighting concept, which allows sun and light to flow in through floor-to-ceiling windows and warms up the evening hours with atmospheric lighting. And in the spa, where you can surrender to the healing hands of the therapists and the fragrant, invigorating essences of the trees.

The hospitality at FORESTIS pays tribute to the place where it is offered in a very thoughtful way: In the restaurant, you don't have to fight for a seat by the window to enjoy the impressive panoramic view – you always have one. The intelligent arrangement of the tables on several stepped levels along the window front allows an unobstructed view of the natural backdrop from every seat, similar to a theatre, while the Dolomites glow in the sunset. Sit back and enjoy both the view and the sumptuous breakfast or the evening menu with a wide selection of delicacies. The discerning cuisine continues the philosophy of the hotel with authentic, varied forest cuisine: salads, vegetables and seasonal fruit come from neighbouring farmers; game, herbs and berries from the local forests. The preparation could not be more refined and delicious. Purity and simplicity create ultimate culinary delights and every little bite is a luxurious treat.

FORESTIS offers a timeout for you to unwind – and with feelings of elation. You will discover beauty in all its facets, for example when you take a dip in the large pool, which is mirrored in the indoor and outdoor areas. Or when you marvel at the magnificent landscape from the viewing platform of the middle and highest tower. Staying in one of the beautiful tower suites allows you to experience the architectural brilliance and anchors a deep sense of well-being, combined with reverence for nature. Both two-storey penthouse suites at the top in particular have an unsurpassed flair: you seem to be skyward bound, on a level with the Dolomite peaks, the crowns of the spruces at your feet. On the roof terrace, you listen to the sound of the forest, enjoy a dip in the private pool and let the air and warmth envelop you. A source of joy, which is why many younger people in particular choose this place to share unforgettable moments with their loved ones – and capture them forever.

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