Frauscher Boats 1414 Demon: An enjoyable time in Port Adriano

Dany Widmer finds common design features with Frauscher Boats.

For Dany Widmer, boarding the brand-new 1414 Demon Frauscher motor boat with Michael Frauscher and myself in Port Adriano is a completely new experience. As a pronounced ‘mountain’ person, he is rarely drawn to – and never actually onto – the sea. He laughingly describes himself as a country bumpkin. But he quickly manages to overcome his scepticism and takes a liking to the streamlined, modern boat. He enjoys the atmosphere and the vastness off the coast of Mallorca. I begin an animated discussion with the creative mind of Widmer Wohnen about design and ecology, as well as relationships with his customers. The time on board flies by.

'What does creativity mean to you? What style do you follow?' – this is what I want to know from Dany Widmer. And the answer surprises me: 'No style! Style for me means focusing on the needs of my client and taking on their character and style.' It is important to find the central theme that runs through the whole project. In order to find this central theme, Dany Widmer takes his time to really get to know his client and define their personal style. Do they envisage more of a country house, or would they like a very modern house? The central theme is established and this is what you see later throughout the house. I ask him whether there are times when Dany Widmer doesn’t understand his clients. In theory, this is possible, but it is extremely rare. The relationship to his clients and the mutual trust is very important to him, because trust is the first prerequisite. Without trust, you cannot create a unique house. 'What hap-pens if I put my trust in you and give you the job?', I ask. 'The process is quite simple: the products and materials to use are determined the moment you give me the job. You can then just sit back and look forward to when we hand over the keys,' comes the compelling answer.

At Widmer Wohnen we focus on the wishes and needs of our clients. When we create their new home, seventy to eighty percent of it is unique, so it fits rather like a tailor-made suit. No property is like any another; they are as different as the people who live in them. We are able to respond to every client and apply their style. We aim to cater to the wishes of every client and his/her style, whether it is a holiday home in Majorca or in the Alps, a villa on the lake, a townhouse or the local store.' Dany Widmer is supported by strong partners, such as Real-Stein AG. He also feels committed to the environment. Natural materials form the core of his work and his stated goal is, in ten years time, to be one of the first ecolog-ical interior designers.

We interrupt our conversation as we speed across the Mediterranean Sea at 45 knots. An unusual situation for Dany Widmer: 'The sea and I don’t spend much time together, because my heart belongs in the mountains. But I did a little research on the Frauscher Company and really look forward to meeting Michael Frauscher.' I explain the reason for having this meeting: 'We have taken you here because we see parallels in your work. Frauscher’s boat building is very design-oriented and has to, like you, take account of both inside and outside spaces in equal measure.' Dany Widmer can relate to this comparison: 'Like us, Frauscher places great importance on the design and they also focus on the individual client’s wishes. The line and the design of this boat are what make it special and above all – as with us – the attention to detail. An amateur can recognise a Frauscher boat in every boat harbour.' 'Would you also like to design a boat or a yacht?', I ask with a smile. 'Definitely. I think every challenge you face in life is fantastic. Of course, it would be really interesting for me to completely style the inside of a Frauscher boat,' admits the designer, who applies a lot of sensitivity to focus on his clients, understand them and find creative solutions. So I am interested to know how Dany Widmer now feels on this boat. 'For me it is a whole new feeling because the water is not really my element. I am learning something new about myself here. The freedom, speed, air that you feel, the softness of the water: awesome! And all that in a boat that glides as if on an exceptional 'carving ski' – which, of course, is more familiar to him. But the Frauscher 1414 Demon wins him over. And it is actually also the winner of the BOB Award – Best of Boats Winner 2016 international and has been nominated for the European Power Boat of the Year in 2017. At roughly 14 metres long, it is Frauscher’s largest sport boat and with a double engine performance of 520 HP each, it offers sporty driving pleasure. Four sleeping berths make this offshorer suitable for any weekend trip. The elegant boat invokes the well-known Frauscher design and is an evolution of the 'Frauscher touch'.

Another parallel between Widmer Wohnen and Frauscher: both are family businesses run by two brothers each. That can have advantages and disadvantages. What’s it like at Widmer Wohnen? 'In our company, it is definitely an ad-vantage because my brother and I work in a very similar way and understand each other perfectly. We know our strengths and weaknesses, and brilliantly complement each other in our business,' explains Dany Widmer. Slowly, the trip comes to an end. Beforehand, I would like to find out a little bit from Dany Widmer about a new project in Zurich that Real-Stein AG is carrying out in conjunction with himself and other partners. In the centre of the city, near Pa-radeplatz, a showroom is being created on 350 square me-tres, where they are showcasing living in a new dimension. 'Together with Real-Stein, we will reveal what is really pos-sible in housing, what we can facilitate, what details we pay attention to, what we think is important. It is important to us that our clients feel these emotions in an exhibition and experience it live. Whether it is light, wood, stone or metal. Everything is combined together.' I broach the topic of who he would like to reach with his work. The banker who works nearby? Of course, it doesn’t matter to him what the client’s profession is and what position he has. The only important thing is that the client likes the result and appreciates the joy of living. This is accomplished because at Widmer Wohnen, everything is planned and implemented down to the small-est detail. Inside and outside areas are seen as a whole and are linked together. The company is diverse and can offer everything from a single source. The client can completely and utterly rely on the company to express their ideas. Just one last question: 'For you, what’s the best thing when the work is done and you hand over the property to the client?' Dany Widmer: 'When, at the end, you have nothing more to explain and you just sense the joy on the person’s face.' – That’s certainly a good closing remark for our trip with Michael Frauscher.

Widmer Wohnen

'No compromises' – that is the motto of Widmer Wohnen. Any-one who puts themselves in the hands of Widmer is offered an uncompromisingly beautiful home with a sense of well-being that you could never dream of. Brothers Dany and Remo Wid-mer find the right style for each person, matching their individu-al personality. They set about doing this with bundles of energy and passionate commitment. They always discover something that there hasn’t been before. There are also no compromises when choosing the particularly exquisite materials, which are expertly put together into a unique, multi-faceted work of art with all the comforts. The client is always at the forefront. Mak-ing them happy is what Widmer Wohnen strives for.

Frauscher Boatyard

Whether it is motorboats or electric boats, the Austrian boat-yard – founded in 1927 – delivers the best quality in all areas. The high-quality materials used are processed to highest de-sign standards; the driving performance is unparalleled. The clear, well-thought out style makes a sophisticated statement and many Frauscher boats have since become legends. With decades of experience and tradition, Frauscher’s third gener-ation is leading it into the future, elevating boat building with excellence and innovation to the level of boat-building artistry. The Demon 1414 with its large bathing platform is just one – albeit outstanding – example of its prestigious boats.

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