Garmin MARQ Smartwatches: Passion. Defined anew.

MARQ – smart watch collection from navigation specialist Garmin

Be smart, watch out! Now there’s a watch for all those with a passion for fast cars who are happiest on or by the racetrack. For those speed junkies out there whose pulse is accelerated by adrenaline. For everyone with a passion for speed who wants to know their own down to the hundredth of a second. With its cool design and innovative features, the «Driver» model from the new MARQ collection gets to the heart of every sporty driver. Manufacturer Garmin, a specialist supplier of navigation solutions for the automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor and fitness sectors, has developed a series of tool watches – each of which lives up to special requirements and beckons for new adventures. Here, smart functions revolutionise the definition of a watch.

The tension increases from lap to lap – and the «Driver» is always in the middle of the action. It counts the laps on 250 pre-installed racetracks around the world, measuring the times of each lap, every sector and maximum speeds. The driving performance for the entire race can be analysed. Has a new record been set? Has the best performance been topped? Was the ideal line able to be found? Where’s the pit wall? The display shows all the data that anyone needs to know – and it’s all right there on the wrist. The stopwatch function leaves its footprint as a tachymeter scale on the ceramic bezel. The GPS-supported applications of the Racing app offer everything a car fan could wish for. Additional features include Garmin Pay for contactless payment, access to music streaming apps, heart rate and blood oxygen saturation monitoring, and plenty more... The Connect IQ Store offers a wide range of apps, widgets and display designs that are available for download. Everything can be managed in the personal account. The normal functions of a smartwatch, such as writing e-mails and texts when connected to an Android device, do not need to be brought up separately. This much is obvious; as obvious as it is customary for Garmin to manufacture its watches with uncompromising manufacturing quality, the highest level of precision and top-notch materials. The driver housing is made of carbon-coated titanium, which goes along with everything. The strap is made of hard titanium on the outside and flexible silicone on the inside, thus facilitating the perfect level of comfort for when things get more rough and tumble. The dark brushed surfaces and the combination of black with aggressive red highlights give the design an unmistakable look. The driver is powered by a rechargeable and replaceable lithium battery that lasts up to twelve days. There are no other comparable smartwatches out there. MARQ watches are not just gadgets, but exquisite all-round accessories for real men. They express their owners’ personality, interests and ambitions. All with an elegant and cosmopolitan touch. Inspired by a classic chronometer design, Garmin has developed state-of-the-art smartwatches with traditional manufacturing quality and software that runs automatically. The watches are extremely user-friendly; everything can be controlled via the five buttons. Garmin draws on its excellent reputation and many years of experience in the world of navigation to get everyone to their destination. Pilot, sailor, racer, explorer, athlete or born leader: Whether professional or amateur, everyone will find exactly what they need. With MARQ collection watches, everyone has the unique opportunity to professionally accompany their interests or hobbies, master all the demands of life, take care of everything and always stay in touch – all with a single, unique tool that will draw the attention of those around you.

The names already reveal the respective special functions and lifestyles that characterise the individual MARQ models. Beside the «Driver», there are the «Adventurer», the «Aviator», the «Athlete», the «Captain» and the «Commander» to choose from. With these next-generation tool watches, nobody will lose their way – and everybody can measure their personal performance. Each individual model has special features that distinguish it from the others. The Adventurer offers the TopoActive Europe map, an Expedition app and an Orientation app. The Aviator has Direct-To Emergency Navigation, flight charts and a Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI). The Athlete provides fitness enthusiasts with the Climb Pro for all climbs, distances and inclines. It also records performance values and running efficiency figures. The Captain uses the regatta timer, the tack assistant and the «man overboard» function. And last but not least, there’s the Commander: With its Dual Format GPS, the Jumpmaster – a navigation tool with a barometer and compass from the jump to the landing – and night vision mode, it always keep everything in perspective. In addition, there are standard functions that can be found in all six models: watch features (time, calendar), connected features (e.g. smart notifications), sport features (sport apps, Garmin Elevate) as well as navigation and sensor features (position, altitude, topography). All watches are also united by their strong materials: titanium, sapphire, ceramic, carbon and Italian Vachetta leather. The optical bonding method ensures the displays yield maximum readability, even in strong sunlight. And all of the models withstand thermal, impact, abrasion and water-pressure tests. Each MARQ embodies the authentic Garmin DNA. The MARQ collection from Garmin is only available in specialist watch shops which have been selected and specially trained according to strict criteria. The reliable, durable and extraordinarily precise MARQ watches are indispensable companions for all those who dare to throw themselves at life head first.

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