Genesis: Electrified

The new Genesis Electrified GV70 impresses with its performance, design and comfort.

Press a button on the steering wheel. An instant thrust of acceleration presses me deep into the leather seat. What a driving experience! The Boost function, which the fully electric Genesis GV70 uses to deliver its full 490 HP power for 10 seconds, gives a kick of adrenalin, adds the fun factor and is ideal for safe overtaking. Afterwards the quiet electric engines return to their powerful 435 HP in normal operation. The Boost is just one of the superb features of the Electrified GV70. With its newest generation, luxury, mid-range SUV, the Korean premium brand Genesis shows where the electromobility of the future is going – and how to speed away from the competition.

This car makes it easy to get started in sustainable driving: the performance, comfort and design of the Genesis Electrified GV70 will win you over. It fulfils the requirements of a sustainable electric car particularly well: with a powerful four-wheel drive system, a maximum speed of a whopping 235 km/h, a range of 455 kilometres and an ultra-short charge time of just 18 minutes at a fast charging station, charging the batteries from 10% to 80%. The i-Pedal technology shows that this car uses state-of-the-art high-tech: When you take your foot off the accelerator pedal, you slow down and generate new energy at the same time.


Motor: AWD Dual Motor
Gesamtleistung: 36O kW (49O PS)
Max. Drehmoment: 7OO Nm
O-1OO km/h (mit Boost Mode): 4.2 Sek.
Höchstgeschwindigkeit: 235 km/h
Stromverbrauch (WLTP komb.): 19.2 kW / 1OO km
Reichweite (WLTP komb.): 455 km
Schnellladen DC (1O-8O %): > 18 Min.

Great driving qualities are one thing. But the visual look is also a key factor in choosing a new car. Do you like the appearance of the latest electrified member of the Genesis family? Absolutely! The 'Athletic Elegance' design philosophy typical of the Genesis fleet can also be found in the Electrified GV70, creating its aerodynamic, elegant outer appearance. The fact that this SUV has no need of the rather futuristic appearance of its competitors, is sure to impress many people. The spirit of the age is present, however, but in a discreet way. Details such as the closed crest radiator grille with integrated recharge opening or the iconic side lines reveal the truth about this electric model. The interiors follow the Korean philosophy of the 'beauty of white space'. This essentially means a design that translates beauty into minimalism and radiates restorative calm. And yes, this is achieved. The furnishing line Sport, in series production, is high-quality and exclusive: Ergo-motion massage seats in natural leather, timeless cockpit fittings with buttons and knobs in matt stainless steel and black glass as well as intuitively operated infotainment screen. The indirect ambience lighting creates a cosy feeling of wellbeing in the spacious interior, which is always suffused with calm, thanks to active driving noise suppression. Fingerprint authentication ensures security and personalisation; what’s more, the vehicle can be individualised with many optional extras, completely according to your wishes. First-class performance, fascinating design – what else awaits you? Pioneering service comfort.


The Genesis Personal Assistant is the beating heart behind the thoughts and actions at Genesis and takes care of everything. No Genesis owner has to deal with organisational and technical issues themselves. Only the pleasure and joy of driving is what’s important to them. No one has to sacrifice their precious time. The excellent customer service is always there when needed. A pleasant experience. If necessary, replacement vehicles ensure that you always remain mobile. Now that’s hospitality in a class of its own.

The Genesis Electrified GV70 is the premium brand’s third electric vehicle, after the Genesis GV60, a fully electric crossover model, and the luxury saloon Genesis Electrified G80. The luxury label is therefore taking another step along the road to becoming a purely electric car manufacturer. Genesis’ vision of the future is clearly sustainability; by 2025 it aims to stop producing conventional combustion engines and be climate neutral by 2035. Its forward-looking different way of thinking also includes the philosophy that the purchaser is not a customer but a guest and should be treated with correspondingly high esteem. As well as persuasive and pioneering product development, as a customer/guest you can look forward to a unique level of service, beginning with the welcome you receive in the elegant studios, all of them in prestigious city centre locations. This is followed by comprehensive and expert advice, in which plenty of time is taken to define the client’s wishes precisely and fulfil them to the letter. The 'icing on the cake' is the Personal Assistant Service, which proactively coordinates all appointments regarding the vehicle, collects and brings, organises a replacement vehicle and takes care of things, saving you, the owner, plenty of time. Not only are you looked after by your host Genesis with 5-star service but – even more importantly – the time you personally have available is respected, so that you can concentrate on the essentials. With so many advantages, there’s surely nothing standing in your way of getting to know the Electrified GV70, right? My verdict after a long test drive: as usual Genesis’ new SUV wins you over with its future-oriented design and high manufacturing quality. Being at the wheel is pure joy, thanks to its impressive driving performance. Sustainable mobility couldn’t be more beautiful.

'With the new electric drives of our purely electric models, the fast-paced development of Genesis is taking another leap forward. With them we prove that we are not merely content to keep up with the competition, we want to be in pole position.'

Tyrone Johnson, Director of vehicle development at Genesis

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