Grand Resort Bad Ragaz: Check-in, Check-up

Top-class medicine with 5-star comfort

Nestling in the mountains of eastern Switzerland, just one hour’s drive from Zurich, is the rugged Tamina Gorge with its healing thermal spring waters. What better way to take time out from your daily routine to dedicate to your health. I check into the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz with its medical centre and combine doing myself some good with a little pleasure: a two-day check-up with the feel of a 5-star holiday under the holistic care of an interdisciplinary team of doctors and therapists.

We all know the problem. As life went on over the years, there were often little sins, and not enough physical exercise. I know: I’ve really got to do something about it. I’d like to know how things stand for me, so I sign up for a personal check-up in the Bad Ragaz medical centre. There are a wide range of check-ups for me to choose from: Health, Ladies’, Men’s, Diabetes, Golf, Sport and Business Check-ups. After selecting the Health Check-up, a thought comes to me: should I quickly restart my long-neglected training programme to get better test results? Or do I want an honest reflection of the current state of my health and lifestyle? I go for the latter.

On the day of my arrival, I did nothing more than enjoy the many pleasures the Grand Resort has to offer and allow myself to be pampered. Today the moment of truth has arrived. After I’ve taken tests to find out my levels, my supervising doctor, Dr Hans Ulrich Wilhelm, takes the time to have a detailed conversation with me to explain the check-up and get to know me. Over the course of the rest of the day, I take a thirty minute lung-function test and a one-hour stress electrocardiogram. The following day, I’ll have a final discussion with the doctor – my (good) results are not revealed – and I’ll receive a detailed file with my tests results and some recommendations. The Best Medi Spa programme is rounded off with a tooth polish – so important for your health – and a check-up and advice from a specialist.

And what about my sports kit? You might think a track suit and trainers will do. The Bad Ragaz check-up is also an opportunity for me to try out X-Bionic and On sportswear. Just putting these clothes on makes me want to perform at the highest level. Amazing how clothing on its own can affect motivation. Pure steroids.

Despite the sporting aspects and the different tests and examinations for my check-up, there’s enough time built into the programme for a restful lunch and extensive use of the pools. It’s not for nothing that the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz with its 267 rooms and suites was voted the best spa hotel in Switzerland in 2014. The 'blue gold' of the thermal spring was discovered back in 1242, and it has been used ever since for its healing qualities. Today there are eight restaurants with a total of 58 points in Gault Millau and 1 Michelin star to provide culinary delights for visitors. In the 36.5° Wellbeing & Thermal Spa guests are pampered, while the two golf courses provide a sporting alternative. Cultural events, the casino and exclusive boutiques leave nothing to be desired here. To sum up, in the words of Rainer Maria Rilke, 'because it’s wonderful to be here'.

During my days at the Grand Resort, I feel wonderfully relaxed. For me the check-up programme can be compared to a holiday in a 5–star luxury hotel with spa treatments, and not to a trip to the doctor or to hospital. I leave Bad Ragaz with new insights into my body and a good feeling that I’m on the right path.

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