Greubel Forsey – Titanium in balance

Balancier S2 Limited Edition: A strong timepiece by Greubel Forsey

Perfection, noblesse, global uniqueness – these are three of the driving forces behind Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey's development of their exclusive timepieces. Passion, precision, creativity – these qualities let them live out their vocation even when it can go against the tide. Apparent technical impossibilities are accepted as new challenges, every problem demands a solution. The two complement each other perfectly: While Robert Greubel focuses on design and creation, Stephen Forsey is primarily concerned with technology. This is you create mechanical works of art that combine both style and value – like the new Balancier S2.

The Greubel Forsey Balancier S2 Limited Edition is a exponentiation of the previous Balancier S model, with which it shares the same movement. But here, all the characteristics have been modernised and more clearly defined. Everything is more sophisticated and more powerful. It is even more robust and suitable for everyday use, without negating the artful excellence of Swiss watchmaking. Its streamlined, partially skeletonised design conveys a strong and confident aesthetic; the slightly larger diameter, the higher-contrast dial and the hour and minute hands in luminous white ensure better readability. The intersecting balance bridge between 5 and 9 o'clock is an ingenious detail against the light or dark grey background, and the 12-hour indices stand out clearly. The architecture of the S2 is specially developed titanium case complies with the new design codes; the strap is made of non-animal material with a woven-look relief and titanium folding clasp. On request, the S2 is also available with a three-row titanium bracelet. Both design versions are strictly limited: There will be a total of 88 pieces made of the dark grey, 22 per year from 2022 to 2025. There will be 64 copies of the light grey version with 16 pieces made per year. The Balancier S2 proves once again the importance Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey attach to the art of invention. They can now proudly look back on a total of seven inventions they have come up with to solve mechanical problems. They are aware of their heritage and the tradition of making mechanical watches, whilst also ensuring that every detail of their chronometers is innovative, forward-looking.

Robert Greubel | Stephen Forsey

In 1992, the two watchmakers, one from Alsace and one from England, met in Switzerland and realised that they shared the same vision for the future of haute horlogerie. That is why they founded their company Greubel Forsey in 2004 to enter the fine timepiece market. With their manufactory, they are realising their dream of developing the art of watchmaking. They follow their conviction that there is still much more to be invented in this field. Their first invention, the double tourbillon 30°, showed groundbreaking importance and great scope and gave them the certainty of being on the right track. Today, Greubel Forsey – still a relatively young brand – has arrived in the high-end segment.

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