HOCHEDEL Talk with Piergiorgio Cecco, Genesis Motor Switzerland AG

In conversation with luxury carmaker Genesis about service and hospitality

The new G70 Shooting Brake is here! With its sleek and elegant coupé design, it was developed specifically for the European market and is a sophisticated combination of dynamism and practical comfort. It is based on the sporty G70 sedan, whose sensational character and luxurious high-performance dynamics guarantee maximum driving pleasure. Other models from the Korean luxury carmaker Genesis include the GV70, an urban SUV all-rounder that’s good for the city, country and storing luggage, and the G80, whose tailored sophistication and dynamic elegance are nothing short of compelling. I test drove all of these models. And most notably, I tested the GV80, the flagship SUV, over several thousand kilometres in daily use, experiencing its luxurious features and pioneering safety technology along the way. I feel well prepared for my interview with Piergiorgio Cecco, Regional Operations Manager Genesis Motor Switzerland AG. Through a personal exchange with him, I manage to learn more about the Genesis philosophy, its values and the lifestyle that Genesis represents. The unique concept of personal service is at the core of the brand. It sets Genesis apart from other car manufacturers and makes the brand unique. Piergiorgio Cecco invites all interested parties to visit the Genesis Studio Zurich – the third showroom in Europe after Munich and London – and piques curiosity about the exciting features and online offers on the company website.

HOCHEDEL: Mr Cecco, with the Genesis car brand you make the Genesis promise. What do you mean by this? Piergiorgio Cecco: Our vehicles have a distinctive design and the latest technology is a matter of course. But we offer even more than comfort and driving pleasure; our services go far beyond the usual. This is the difference we promise our customers. It forms the core of our Son-Nim philosophy.

Piergiorgio Cecco, Regional Operations Manager Genesis Motor Switzerland AG

What does 'Son-Nim' mean? Translated from Korean, it means 'to be a guest'. For us, our customers are our guests. We want to pamper them and make their lives easier. Their needs are what’s most important to us.

What is your service based on? Our starting point is the conviction that time is our most valuable asset. Time we should have for the important things in life. That’s why we’ve developed the Genesis Care Plan, which guarantees worry- and stress-free driving. It is a comprehensive warranty and service plan that gives a five-year all-round promise.

Can you give us examples of what services are included? Would you like to take a test drive? We will bring the car to you. Want to have your tyres changed? We’ll take care of it. You don’t want to worry about your car? No problem. We take care of all inspections, maintenance and warranty work. And what’s more is that navigation system updates and 24/7 roadside assistance are always included.

Genesis G80

So you do that differently from other manufacturers? We describe our approach as disruptive, meaning we don’t do everything the way it has always been done. We break new ground and set new standards – always in the spirit of hospitality for our customers. It’s why we’ve also developed the Five-Star Service.

What’s behind it? We want to combine the necessary with the beautiful. To this end, we have entered into cooperation agreements with various five-star hotels. While the Genesis Personal Assistant takes care of the maintenance of the new car, the owners can enjoy the luxury ambience in the meantime.

What is there to discover at Genesis Studio Zurich? Here you can immerse yourself in the Genesis cosmos with all your senses. In the presence of our premium models, you experience the design concept of 'Athletic Elegance' and Genesis’s typical 'Two Lines' look. Here you can find information and inspiration at all levels. Motion becomes emotion.

Genesis Studio Zurich

And what about for those who can’t make it to the studio? They will find online services such as the Configurator, which allows them to build their own Genesis just the way they want it, and the Genesis Virtual Studio, where anyone can book a Zoom meeting to have all their questions answered.

Finally, I would like to congratulate you on the J.D. Power award. What exactly is that? In the 2021 U.S. Tech Experience Index (TXI), Genesis was named the top-ranked automotive brand. This makes us a technical innovation leader and ensures an optimal customer experience. Furthermore, we are the only ones whose complete model range is recommended by The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

The concept of luxury, elegance, service and safety convinced me. Those who want to see for themselves will have the opportunity to do so from 5 to 22 February 2022 in St. Moritz, for example. As sponsor and Official Car Partner of the White Turf horse races – where thoroughbred horses dart over the frozen Lake St. Moritz – the shuttle service is carried out with Genesis vehicles and Genesis hospitality. In addition, the Genesis Mobile Lounge will be on site. This way, you can experience the cars in action and discover the high-quality interior design with your own senses. Here you can find out more about the Genesis range as well as the connected services for digital driving.

Genesis GV80 on Ice


The Genesis Personal Assistant is the beating heart behind the thoughts and actions at Genesis and takes care of everything. No Genesis owner has to deal with organisational and technical issues themselves. Only the pleasure and joy of driving is what’s important to them. No one has to sacrifice their precious time. The excellent customer service is always there when needed. A pleasant experience. If necessary, replacement vehicles ensure that you always remain mobile. Now that’s hospitality in a class of its own.

Genesis Personal Assistant with Clients


'Genesis Flexibility' is a tailor-made car subscription. Insurance, taxes, repairs, tyre changes... everything is already included. Leaving you time to do something else. And the option of not having to commit. You are free to decide how long you want to drive which model – even on a monthly basis. There are also three vehicle feature lines and many colours to choose from. Everything can be configured yourself. And when your wishes change, so does the vehicle.

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