HUBER - Fine Watches & Jewellery: A Gem for Vaduz

Finest jewellery and elegant watches meet great art in a white cube.

Vaduz, the capital of the Principality of Lichtenstein, is one attraction richer since 2015: as well as the striking black cube of the art museum, there is now another cube – this time in white. The topic of art is continued in this exclusive new building: the exhibition items are elegant jewellery and watches. Huber Fine Watches & Jewellery, already in its fifth generation here, with further branches in Vaduz and Lech, has now moved into beautifully designed exhibition and sales rooms. The Liechtenstein private collection of the Hilti Art Foundation can also be viewed in the same building.

A true jewellery box has been created, right in the middle of Vaduz. The black cube, built in the year 2000 and home to the art collection of the principality together with modern and contemporary art, has received a counterpart. Even though they stand alone, from afar it looks as if the two buildings are touching each other. This illusion was created by the Basle-based architects Morger & Dettli, who also designed the black cube, on behalf of the clients Huber Fine Watches & Jewellery and the Hilti Art Foundation. Viewed close up, you are struck by the unusual white shimmering material: finely ground marble of different grain sizes has been mixed with concrete to guarantee longevity and high quality. The surface has been polished creating a gleaming facade, lending the building its exceptional radiance.

Internationally trained goldsmith Norman J. Huber commissioned interior designer Tino Zervudachi from Paris to create the innovative interior decorations of the exhibition and sales rooms, which are bathed in light. Over a surface area of 450 m2, he has been able to create an inviting, sensuous ambience with warm colours and premium quality wood. This proves to be the perfect showcase for the luxurious jewellery and watches of Huber, a company steeped in a rich tradition; customers can wander around and be amazed. Next door, the Hilti Art Foundation is showing selections from the important private collection of the Hilti family, owners of a tool manufacturing company based in Liechtenstein, in temporary exhibitions across 430 m2. This collection encompasses around 200 works of museum quality, particularly paintings and sculptures of the classic modern period but also works from 1950 onwards to the present day.

Weisser Würfel, Vaduz, Liechtenstein

For Norman J. Huber, completion of the new rooms means that a long-cherished wish has been fulfilled. Elegantly curved steps connect the two lower storeys; the 'Collectors Club' is located on the second storey. All the top brands from watch and jewellery manufacturers are represented, from Rolex, Cartier and Patek Philippe to Huber’s own jewellery collection. Since moving into the white cube, the exclusive Graff company has also been included in the range. Even if many shops have had to close due to Internet competition, Huber is firmly convinced that shopping in beautiful surroundings with personal advice will always remain a very emotional experience that his customers appreciate. Looking up out of the floor-to-ceiling windows at the castle and the mountains, we can heartily confirm this!

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