Instabilelab: I love wallpaper!

An endless flow of elaborate designs from Instabilelab

Breath-taking – wow, that looks cool! Nobody could have expected its baroque splendour. Large floral patterns, lavishly decorated, transform rooms into stages for the productions of life. Expressive – black. Precious – gold. Seductive – velvet red. Just one option for an exciting modern interior. Maybe a little off-the-wall, but certainly never boring. The Venetian wallpaper manufacturer Instabilelab creates atmospheres that range from breath-taking to magical. Superlatives are no exaggeration here. 'Wallpaper' is an almost irresponsible understatement, because it blurs the line between art and interior design.

Custom-me project
Delicate natural tones in green, blue and grey, flowers and plants, fragrant and light, are elevated to works of art. Unlimited design possibilities. The patterns flow across the floor, climb up the walls, fill the ceilings and adorn furniture, fabrics and lights, playfully personalising entire rooms and their furnishings. With 'Custom-me', Instabilelab has created a service that makes it possible to apply your desired subjects to almost any material and to play with them as you please. This creates true dream worlds that theatrically showcase individual personalities. These are not reserved for private living rooms and bedrooms but will also shine in offices and public spaces. This innovative project idea of an unconventional and very aesthetic wallpaper concept – which has won Design Awards – fortunately does not exclude bathrooms, showers, kitchens and outdoor areas, transforming them, too, into oases of beauty, as the wallpapers are washable, weather-resistant, fireproof and non-slip. Instabilelab is not merely a design company, it's also a research company that continually presents innovative technological solutions to stretch the boundaries of thought. This also applies to another radical innovation: a certified resin, applied to the wallpaper, destroys 99.9% of bacteria, achieving a new standard of hygiene without the wallpaper losing its radiance. We certainly haven't yet seen the limits of Instabilelab's creativity.

Night & Day
With the Light+Light line, the wallpaper itself becomes a subtle source of light. Phosphorescent pigments illuminate the room with a striking original effect: as soon as it gets dark, they re-emit the accumulated light. Antique chandeliers, a promenade in the fog, light bulbs with a vintage background – the motifs on the walls evoke extraordinary atmospheres.

ORONERO Limited Edition
From the infinite abundance of fragrant roses, blue anemones and ornamental butterflies, the path leads to Instabilelab's glamorous Limited Edition: Oronero – with the collections 'The Skull' and 'Prestige'. These haute couture wallpapers are reminiscent of historical paintings and play with the leitmotifs of black and gold tones, varying rich and charming natural scenes on this theme: 'Black garden' – the most beautiful blooms in a hidden garden, 'Gold flower' – refined retro style and golden reflections in a floral splendour, 'Gold fish' – in the depths of the sea, where colours and shadows merge, 'Golden memories', 'L’oro di Lulu', 'Black strong'... Ever-changing light reflections in the wallpapers and brilliant, hand-applied elements demonstrate the skills of Instabilelab's staff. They create opulent fantasies and intense experiences, decorative creations and dazzling design studies that allow exclusive and sensual concepts for the home to be realised. Yet all these are just examples of the extensive creative offering developed between Graphics and the Lab.

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