Maison Psyché: Interconnected worlds

Maison Psyché: luxurious perfumes matured in wooden barrels

It’s a courageous idea. An unusual approach. Conceived and realised by Babtiste Loiseau. As a professional cellar master he normally deploys his superb expertise to create the finest spirits for the renowned Rémy Cointreau Group. Now he is using his exceptionally fine nose for the newly established subsidiary Maison Psyché and for product developments that nobody had really expected: perfumes. Actually they are more related than you might think – both worlds require high-quality raw materials, knowledge of compositions and maturation times, and a highly developed olfactory sense. Together with Firmenich’s chief parfumier Sophie Labbé, five mature fragrances have been created:

Alexanor, Belle Dame, Alcyone, Hamadryas and Nymphalis. The names of the first fragrance collections of Maison Psyché alone exude auspicious magic. And they live up to their expectations: Each perfume is characterised by its own, incomparable heart – sometimes it’s fresh bergamot or earthy patchouli, sometimes it’s floral rose, delicate jasmine or soft vanilla. However, the special magic of these creations lies in the way they are made. This combines two worlds in a unique way, expertly building a bridge between luxury perfumery and distillery. Sophie and Baptiste connect the high art of perfume from Paris and Grasse with the centuries-old craftsmanship traditions of cognac by allowing their fragrance compositions made of choice ingredients to mature in the cellars of Rémy Martin – also in small oak barrels – where their richly facetted nuances can gently unfold. With wood and time, they mature to perfection – always carefully monitored and at the end supplemented by an incomparably charismatic expression and a rich sensuousness, as impressive and intense as the brandy. Maison Psyché follows unconventional paths and reinvents 'La Grande Parfumerie'. The creative process achieves a metamorphosis: into unmistakable fragrance signatures that really touch the senses. Into aromatic companions that have a lasting effect on the skin. Into an exclusive, iconic collection that signifies pure luxury.

Luxury in an unusual setting

Alongside the high quality of the exquisite and traceable ingredients and the artistic innovative manufacturing process, the presentation of the perfumes also shows a commitment to the highest level of exclusivity: the gold-shimmering fragrances are bottled into sumptuous collectors’ pieces made of Baccarat crystal. Each of the elegant flacons, which are decorated with gold or sometimes even diamonds, is numbered – indicating that quantities are limited: the five fragrances are a strictly limited edition reserved for an exclusive clientele, only available via Louis XIII Private Client and the headquarters of Maison Psyché. The butterfly emblem has been deliberately selected and points to the myth behind the company – the ancient Greek legend of beautiful Psyche who, when awoken by Amor’s arrow, becomes immortal and enjoys eternal happiness. Her representation with butterfly wings is the inspiration behind Maison Psyché. And the perfumes from two worlds are uplifting - that much is certain.

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