Issey Miyake: Simply Inspired!

Summer perfumes by designer Issey Miyake; now cheerfully and innovatively 'to go'

Japan’s star designer Issey Miyake has created with playful lightness an innovation that is so simple and persuasive in its idea that it actually should have been invented years ago. He has developed a new flacon concept for his perfume lines: It consists of two parts – and the bottle top functions as an independent mini atomiser. Out and about? You can always have your favourite perfume with you in your handbag.

A full moon shimmers over the top of the Eiffel Tower. Fragrances of roses, lotus flowers and lilies conjure up the flair of warm summer evenings in Paris. An atmosphere that simply everyone loves. The perfume that exudes this aura is 'L'Eau d'Issey', Issey Miyake’s iconic fragrance since 1992. And this sensuous feeling is one that you’ll always want to carry around with you. Now this creative fashion designer, who is always full of surprises, has made it possible with his innovative 'IGO' flacon. In Japanese, 'Igo' points to the near future waiting to be discovered and corresponds to the English 'I go', as in 'I set forth'. Issey Miyake enjoys using wordplay in tongue-in-cheek fashion: It’s no coincidence that the name of the perfume forms an onomatopoeic consonance with the French word L'Odyssée. You can allow yourself to drift, discover the world without knowing what’s coming along; open to new things and the unexpected. The perfume 'L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme' also takes you on a journey – and the square-shaped container with its woody-spice aromas of cypresses and nutmeg accompanies you on your adventure. Issey Miyake not only allows his 'water' to flow, but also his 'Nectar d’Issey'. These droplets form a magical IGO version in opulent rosé gold. The eau de parfum has a base note of blossoms and honey and successfully continues the 'L'Eau d’Issey' series. Issey Miyake’s work is a source of inspiration – both in his perfumes and his fashion – and is forward-looking, too. He has the talent for discovering something really new. His expression is functional and poetic, adventurous and light-hearted. Nothing is taken for granted. His fascination for technology has created the practical, unbreakable everyday companion and the beginning of a life of freedom. IGO!

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