Lalique: Beauty as fragile tenderness

The finest glass art by Lalique: for seductive perfume moments

Pause for a moment in everyday life and celebrate beauty. Feel the meaning and enjoy a tinge of luxury. Lalique is famous for its exquisite crystal art and its select scents that underscore the personality. An elegant flacon of silky frosted glass, perfectly shaped like an ancient column, is the latest creation for every boudoir. Its shapeliness appeals to the senses and makes reference to the traditions of Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Soft and flattering, the balloon sprayer rests in the hand – it’s almost time: The 'Mon Premier Cristal' collection comes into the spotlight!

An ethereal shine plays around the beauties in tender pastel. Gracefully, they look forward to their glamorous appearance. Their compositions are brilliant, their selected notes refined. Like the swallows that float lightly and weightlessly around the precious flacon, the magic they exude is difficult to grasp. It alternates between delicacy – 'Tendre' – and sensuality – 'Sensuel' – and shines like an eternal light – 'Lumière'. Lalique has created collector’s items full of grace and charm that turn a daily ritual into a treat. They celebrate feminine beauty, the magic that surrounds it like an aura. They host delicate floral scents full of intimacy, created by three talented perfumers in close collaboration with Lalique in order to bring life to the crystalline bodies. The iconic flacon sculptures can always be refilled. Feminine and perfect, expressive and soulful: they underline the creative, elegant style of the traditional company. Connotations of velvety rose petals envelop the skin, warm touches of subtle fruit surround the body, accents of blazing colours and contrasts between jasmine and tuberose pay homage to Lalique’s crystal glass art. An rapturous, seductive tribute to the masterful French glass manufacturer with the symbol of the swallow.

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