MBF Maximilian Büsser & Friends: Time for friends

Fun and precision with the timepiece machines from Maximilian Büsser & Friends

«Tick-tock, tick-tock, I’m Sherman. My job is to show you the correct time and, above all, to make you laugh.» It takes a little bit of craziness to design clocks that look like happy little robots on tiny metal tank rollers, a glass helmet on their head and seemingly shouting: «Come on, play with me!» Or it could be uniquely cool to dare to let your imagination run free, to work together with excellent partners to design fantastic watches in funky designs and to take them to market  – and to succeed at it, too. To be just like Maximilian Büsser. The risk paid off.

The name is an acronym: MB&F stands for Maximilian Büsser & Friends. Maximilian Büsser is a team player. Together with the most talented specialists, he develops extraordinary, creative solutions to completely re-think the idea of the clock. Together with his team of friends, he has broken the mould of the watch industry and crossed borders. Over a hundred people are involved in his team, from clockwork design, casing, clock faces, hands and accessories to marketing and sales. For Maximilian Büsser, this is the ideal way to work. In this cooperation, it is important to him to recognise each individual contribution, and not to conceal them all behind the brand. The most important friends for him, however, are the buyers of his timepieces. They form a tribe of watch enthusiasts who want to share their wacky passion together. Maximilian Büsser started his career with a master’s study in microtechnology. In his work for prestigious watch manufacturers, he found his passion for high-end timepieces. His work with independent watchmakers awakened in him the desire to try something more unconventional in the field of timepiece creation. In 2005, he founded his company, based in Geneva, to explore his creative freedom. With his «Horological Machines» he has succeeded in developing intricate systems that look novel and zippy. A new dimension to wearing watches.

Fly me to the moon ... In the infinite vastness of space, we could meet these beings from a distant future or a fantastical past. With the design somewhere in between Tim & Struppi and Star Wars, Professor Bienlein and Gyro Gearloose would love their timepiece machines, and would definitely want to become Maximilian Büsser’s best friends. But the look is only one side of the timepiece. Because no matter if it’s «Balthazar» or «Destination Moon», «Grant» or «Octopod», all the models are timepieces of the highest quality, created in collaboration with partner L’Epée 1839. This Swiss manufacturer looks back on a long tradition of development and production of, among other things, music boxes and table clocks, and thus has a long tradition of giving pleasure. Their intricate mechanical movements are so sophisticated and precise that they naturally count as Haute Horlogerie. An ideal partner and friend for the cause of Maximilian Büsser. The shared fun of creating high-quality chronometers in futuristic design is visible in every piece – not just outer space.

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