McLaren 720S Spider: Super sport, super cool

The McLaren 720S Spider: technically brilliant and elegantly British

Caribbean Belize Blue is the colour of my new star in supercar heaven. Everything about it shines radiant and bright. But not just on the surface; this car uses advanced technology and everything has a deeper meaning. You’ll be seduced by the design of the McLaren 720S Spider with its clear lines and styling. Air flows practically resistance-free over this beauty’s very light, yet extremely strong monocage made from carbon fibre. Very elegant from the outside, no-one could pass by the Spider and not notice its striking appearance. Clever details ensure that you get an aerodynamic driving experience and plenty of comfort, both as you get in and out of the car and when you’re en route – even on the ancient wooden bridge in Simmertal.

An Englishman in Switzerland – or rather, with an English gentleman through Switzerland. It was with great anticipation that I set out on my drive through the Swiss mountains to test the McLaren 720S Spider. And I wasn’t disappointed: The vehicle responds quickly and enthusiastically as it climbs up the mountain roads. I am thrilled by its agility and power. It doesn’t even shy away from the most adventurous of passes. Characteristic for McLaren is its British reserve when it first gets going and the energy with which it overtakes the rest of the field. At 6,000 rpm the fun really starts. Even with the roof open, you can get up to speeds of up to 325 kilometres per hour. Some rather sophisticated developments by the McLaren engineers ensure that fewer air currents infiltrate the cockpit of my racing machine and the cabin remains quiet. Now I’m at the top, I can enjoy the outstanding panorama this McLaren gives with its well-thought-out design concept: Glazed, free-standing C pillars and a slim tonneau cover mean you get a clear view and an open feeling of space, giving you the perfect overview. A special feature is the electro-chrome glass used in the retractable hard top, letting light in when the roof is closed and enhancing your visual experience. You can switch between tinted and transparent at the touch of a button. Grinning from ear to ear, I continue on my way.

One detail that I always think is really fun in a McLaren is the changeable display. When you’re out on the road and you switch from normal to track mode, the display changes so that all you see is your speed and the rpm. So when you’re on an exciting drive, you can just look out at the fantastic view. For any enthusiasts sitting inside the car, its luxurious interior using the finest Nappa leather is a real indulgence. Overall, I have to say that the McLaren 720S Spider is both an exclusive tourer and a speedy supercar all rolled into one. Its dynamic silhouette conveys a British understatement that never sells itself short. It clearly has its dimensions, but is not beefy and doesn’t come across as pretentious. It looks slimmer than it is and it really is a statement car – you can’t miss it. The conclusion is extremely positive. At the end of my drive, I open up the roof – very quickly: It disappears in just 11 seconds. And that was at 50 mph! And then I put my foot down for the last time and enjoy it. Wistfully, I give my keys back. That’s something I would definitely do again. I’m comforted a little when I see the new McLaren GT, which has now come onto the market. It promises to combine outstanding performance, distinct McClaren genes and innovation with everyday usability, making it ideal for car fans who want to get into the sports scene. I can’t wait.

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