McLaren 720S: The shining appearance of a star

Rüsch Brugger has brought the extraordinary McLaren 720S to the fore.

My driving experience is indescribable. The McLaren 720S is pure emotion; its speed is intoxicating. It is the most high-performance supercar I’ve ever driven. The feel of how it gets going is a pure joy, as is controlling the slight breakaway of the rear axle when accelerating. The McLaren Super Series cars are considered 'the bad guys' because of the tremendous amount of energy they have. And this power is combined with an extraordinary luxury that plays around with every single detail. It is also striking that this eminent powerhouse has such an elegant appearance.

From zero to one hundred in 2.9 seconds, to two hundred in 7.8 seconds, to three hundred in 21.4 seconds... This incredible acceleration takes your breath away. 'Luckily', it tops out at 341 kilometres per hour. The McLaren 720S delivers extreme performance in combination with an exquisite, handcrafted interior. These are the cornerstones that make the McLaren Super Series portfolio unique. What’s more is the innovative way that I, as a driver, become integrated into the vehicle; I become part of this fascinating marvel of technology. While in track mode, I want to see how easily the 720S drifts. It’s a great feeling! The breaking performance is also tremendous: it only takes 4.6 seconds or 117 metres to get from two hundred to zero. The McLaren won me over with its full range of sophisticated features: the display can be folded away to the front, which allowed me to have a clear view of the track; only the rpms and the speed remain visible. The extravagant wing doors make it easy to enter the vehicle. The nose lift prevents damage from protrusions. The colour changes depending on the light conditions. It is guaranteed to attract attention wherever you go.

Simply put, the McLaren 720S looks sharp. No matter which angle you see it from. I think that staging this perfect alignment would be a great challenge to get the HOCHEDEL readers excited. I contact Romeo Rüsch and Felix Brugger of Rüsch Brugger Photography. They specialise in demanding shots of fine objects from the fields of architecture, lifestyle and products. They always work as a pair and take pictures for clients both at home and abroad. They are enthusiastic about the idea and develop it into an exciting project. In the preparation stage, they take a detailed look at the contents of the McLaren Super Series. They find the ideal location for the shoot and plan it down to the smallest detail. They develop a concept for the imagery that wins me over straight away. A warehouse along Basle’s Rhine harbour offers the right kind of location to create an exciting atmosphere. The contrast between the stylish vehicle and the raw industrial charm proves to be just right.

After a one-day test shoot, the real shoot finally begins. And once again, Romeo Rüsch and Felix Brugger use the whole day to capture the McLaren 720S in the right light. The pictures should simultaneously express different aspects: beauty, exclusivity, dynamism. In order to meet this requirement, the lighting has to be perfect. The high-end Phase One medium format camera ensures maximum quality – as does the trained eye of the professional, of course. The shoot is a real challenge because the warehouse isn’t empty. We repeatedly have to stop working in order to avoid the truck. We have to contend with dust and cold weather. There’s an enormous amount of time pressure. Given these extreme circumstances, I’m very impressed with the professionalism demonstrated by Rüsch Brugger. After a difficult shoot comes a complex post-production process. The two photographers use their experience to perfect the visual imagery concept and achieve beautiful scenes with ease. The result? See for yourself!

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