Memorigin Tourbillon watches: The origin of memory

My new personal discovery: Tourbillon watches by MEMORIGIN

I had been thinking about buying a new wristwatch for quite some time. I looked around a lot, but couldn't find anything that would have suited me perfectly. And then I discovered something that spoke to me straightaway, which I fell in love with completely: The MEMORIGIN watch brand from Hongkong with its flying Tourbillon movements had exactly what I was looking for, both in terms of its technology as well as the design. I then did a little research on everything that the watch had to offer and less than two hours later I had decided. I ordered the «Stellar Series Imperial». It was love at first sight!

The Chinese company founder William Shum is a smart guy, who studied finance and economics at the most prestigious universities in the US. With precise instinct, he discovered a niche in which he can successfully grow his business: There are only around 30 manufacturers of Tourbillon watches in the world, and they are not necessarily based in China. Due to the limitations on the available offers and high costs for this type of chronometers, William Shum saw his chance to bring in something new to this watch sector: Tourbillon watches originating in Asia and made with the highest hand-made precision at affordable prices. The fascinating mechanics of the Tourbillon movement – invented in the days of pocket watches to balance the effect of gravity to provide a true time – are artistically displayed in the MEMORIGIN series. MEMORIGIN exclusively produces flying Tourbillons that take sixty seconds to rotate. A captivating display, a marvel of movement – it is not for nothing that tourbillon means whirlwind in German. And with his experience gained in the East and West, William Shum has created a «flying» link between the worlds with his watches, expressed in the fusion of masterful craftsmanship reminiscent of Swiss watchmaking and dynamic design. Models from the «Orbit Series» or the «Butterfly rose» illustrate this in an exceptional way. Poetic associations with the stars, with creation, with man’s quest for knowledge are metaphorically expressed in the creations – a skilful combination of nature and engineering. For the last three years, MEMORIGIN has been nominated each time for the prestigious Grand Prix d‘Horlogerie de Genève. It will not be long before the Hong Kong manufacturer receives the prize it deserves.

When I held my MEMORIGIN watch in my hands for the first time, I was absolutely thrilled; the form, the design, the workmanship – simply excellent. And indeed, the Tourbillon movement has been rigorously tested and certified by specialists at the prestigious watch testing centre in Osaka, Japan. Both the accuracy of the time display and the water resistance correspond to the most excellent world class level. This quality is also guaranteed by William Shum – son of an investor in the Chinese watch industry (with Tourbillon manufacturing!). In addition, each watch is delivered in a very high-quality wooden box with integrated watch winder, which I had never encountered in this form before. The MEMORIGIN catalogue presents an impressive range of top-quality timepieces to the consumer. The diverse product range extends from classic jewellery watches to modern designer watches. The elegant and playful lady’s watches are particularly distinguished by their sophisticated jewellery craftsmanship. Unique features such as the recess in the case of my Stellar Imperial and the intricately made sapphire crystal for the reliable protection of the dial and the mechanics are only some examples of the high-quality features. On request, the watches can be engraved for special occasions. For me, it is a daily reminder – even without engraving – of my past and future stays in Hong Kong. I don’t think it will ever leave my side, and I think my object of desire is clearly also a must-have for others. The outstanding quality combined with an excellent price will definitely cause a great stir. I would like to be the person to contact for this product. I have decided to represent the MEMORIGIN brand in Switzerland and become the exclusive distributor for Switzerland. After all, even a Swiss can wear a non-Swiss watch.

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