Norwegian Prima: A class of its own

Norwegian Prima's Inaugural Sailing – exclusive luxury and an adventure for all

We open the doors and enter a world filled with luxury and exclusivity. An unexpected oasis on the high seas. The Norwegian Prima – the first ship in the new Prima class and almost 300 metres long – has all you need for a successful cruise: Peace and relaxation, experiences and variety, spaciousness and exclusive areas. 'It’s in a class of its own' emphasises President and CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, Frank Del Rio. Conversations with insiders confirm the new standards. It’s the most spacious cruise ship with the most space per guest and a total capacity of 3,100 passengers. The use of space ensures that you never feel uncomfortable and the ship never seems overcrowded.

The Norwegian Prima is departing on its first major voyage and HOCHEDEL has been invited aboard. The starting point is the capital city of Iceland, Reykjavik, which is experiencing this kind of launch ceremony for the very first time. The programme of the trip can be summed up in the following phrase: two superstars on the high seas! On the one hand you have this fabulous vessel; on the other, the delightful ship’s godmother Katy Perry who beguiles everyone like a mermaid and is a true 'firework' sparkling with energy. We are among 300 from a total of 2,500 invited guests who have the privilege of experiencing the hour-long show live. And the supporting programme over the days to come will offer even more highlights. On the maiden voyage we wonder if it is at all possible to enjoy a luxury holiday on such a big ship. Will we find the luxury we are looking for here? Will the Norwegian Prima’s concept catch on? HOCHEDEL decides to focus on families with children, because in this target group, the children don’t always get their money’s worth on small luxury cruise ships. And on large ships, adults often find that their need for a restful timeout from their stressful everyday lives is not met. We discover that this cannot happen on the Norwegian Prima because by having two categories and separate areas it manages to combine the advantages of both types of ship. If you book the exclusive 'The Haven by Norwegian' area, to which not everyone has access, you always have a place to retreat to. At the same time, you can use all offers and amenities throughout the entire ship, and the little ones in particular can enjoy the freedom to run free.

The interiors have a visionary design and unique atmosphere, created by world-renowned architects and designers including Piero Lissoni from Italy. We enjoy the large choice of restaurants offering a culinary world tour and endless variety. Whether it’s languorous dinners or delicious snacks and meals in the Indulge Food Hall, everything is fresh and of consistently superb quality. And the selection of drinks includes the best from the world’s wineries. Bon voyage!

The five-country tour on board the Norwegian Prima takes us from Reykjavik via Cork/Ireland, Portland/Great Britain and Le Havre/France to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Meaning that there is plenty of time to discover all leisure activities on the ship. A walkway leads along the Ocean Boulevard around the entire ship – a total of 4,000 square metres just to stroll along it; the Concourse sculpture garden exhibits artworks worth millions. The mood is significantly more fast-paced at the three-storey go-kart track and on the slides The Drop and The Rush – their g-forces are enough to rival any Formula 1 car. More fun and thrills abound at the huge casino, the Prima theatre – including original Broadway and West End shows –, an escape room, the vertigo-inducing Ocean Walk, the multimedia Galaxy Pavilion and much more. For relaxation, it’s time to head to the pool terraces, the swimming pools and infinity pools, the Mandara Spa & Salon or the somewhat more invigorating Pulse gym. Everything is big and impressive on this cruise liner. Even the service with its quota of one crew member to two guests is superb. During the evenings we enjoy the sunsets in the outside areas of the restaurant or simply in the bar of the Observation Lounge.

One highlight is The Haven by Norwegian, the separate ultra premium area with exclusive key-card access. With separate ship entrances and lifts, it is a world apart; a world in which – in addition to all the ship’s other services – you will find everything you need in terms of furnishings, luxury and privacy. Here on the top decks you can retreat as an exclusive guest to its special restaurants, lounges and bars, exclusive outdoor spa area with sundecks, hot tubs and a spectacular infinity pool. The glass sauna with a cold room is perfect for relaxation, as is the 24-hour concierge and butler service. Or you can simply enjoy the fabulous view from the balcony of the exclusive cabins. In The Haven, the ship’s godmother Katy Perry has obviously scattered an extra portion of her fairy dust because everything is even more luxurious. This ship-in-ship concept of the cruise operator is an innovation that can satisfy the diverse needs of the guests. We look forward to following how the Norwegian Cruise Line develops when another Prima ship (of a total of six planned vessels) is launched to conquer the high seas next year.

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