Netgear Orbi Pro: We’re in the system!

Netgear Orbi Pro: professional Wi-Fi for unlimited surfing with high coverage

Professional Wi-Fi use – of course we had a functioning Wi-Fi network for our work at the HOCHEDEL editorial office, but it was no longer optimal and state-of-the-art. Many offices are familiar with the problems: as soon you get too far away from the router, you experience connection issues. Especially on the higher floors, data throughput is less than ideal and data transmission rate is limited, not to mention the outdoor areas. Simply moving to another room requires an additional system in order to stay online.

We were tired of putting up with this situation. Our plan was to cover our entire building with a single Wi-Fi network by using a convenient Internet access that allows multiple users to simultaneously enjoy a high speed and stable surfing experience in the World Wide Web. Our research soon led us to the hardware provider Netgear, whose Orbi Pro System line meets the needs of professional Internet users while of course also putting a smile on the face of private consumers. With Orbi Pro, we have found exactly what we need: the system is fast, reliable, user-friendly, expandable and visually elegant. We opted for the Orbi Pro Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi System AC3000, consisting of the SRR60 router and the SRS60 satellite. The two AC3000 units in combination with two AC3000 tri-band ceiling-mounted satellites allow us to cover around 400 square metres of indoor space alone. Both products connect automatically and without network cables. Installation as well as subsequent monitoring is child’s play with the Netgear app. No matter which room of the building we are in, the network always remains stable, making seamless surfing a matter of course. We are thus as professionally equipped as we need to be. Companies that need to cover larger areas can connect four additional satellites using the Orbi Pro Satellite Add-On, which comes with the AC3000 package. Up to 1,050 square metres of coverage are possible under ideal building conditions. This is precisely where Netgear comes in, enabling the combination of numerous components into a single network. Additional network devices can be added via the 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports that each router and satellite is equipped with. Today we enjoy the enormously high speed of working online in our editorial offices without having to worry about the details. We have entirely forgotten that once upon a time things were different. With our system, we have neatly separated all areas that are used for Wi-Fi: employees are logged in, guests are offered high-speed access and I, as the administrator, control it all. All indoor and outdoor areas are covered, including the basement. It was a wise decision.

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