NetJets Bombardier Challenger 350: An Alternative Above the Clouds

Start and land wherever you like with the private aircraft from NetJets.

Flying really can be as pleasant as this: simply sidestep the chaos at the airport, park your car right next to the jet and be up in the air in less than ten minutes. Wherever you are going! The private aviation company NetJets combines high-level comfort and personal attentiveness to its guests with the strengths and safety of a large airline. Bearing in mind the time one normally spends endlessly hanging around at airports, the higher costs can be brought into perspective, particularly when you are travelling in a group or to an airport near your destination which isn’t served directly by scheduled flights.

A wish becomes reality: flying at my convenience and not when a flight schedule tells me to. We roll onto the runway in a brand new Challenger 350 from the NetJets fleet. I’m immediately impressed by the quiet ambience inside, which makes very relaxed conversation possible. 'The jet has room for up to ten passengers and an operating range of more than seven hours. With a cabin height of 1.85 metres and a width of more than two metres, it offers a generous feeling of space' explains Carsten Michaelis, Regional Senior Vice-President of NetJets Europe, who is proud of the company’s success over the decades. Rightly so because, after being welcomed with your personal choice of food, drinks, newspapers and films you immediately get that carefree 'above the clouds' feeling. Thanks to the journey time being nearly halved by NetJets, I am guaranteed to arrive well-rested and recuperated – whether I’m flying to an important business meeting in Inverness, Scotland, or jetting off on holiday with my family directly to Saint-Tropez. On the subject of holidays: children and pets are not only permitted, they are particularly welcome.

For companies, NetJets represents a good value alternative to purchasing their own aircraft. Different aircraft sizes can be deployed, depending on the number of guests; the impressively large fleet guarantees short-term availability. Over 5,000 large and small airports can be flown to worldwide; approx. 1,000 in Europe alone. I find the customised solutions particularly attractive: companies can book packages with a specific number of miles at advantageous conditions. Wishes are taken into consideration wherever possible; please contact Mr Michaelis for expert support in this area. Do you just want to fly with a pilot and co-pilot and serve yourself on board? Or would you like to book additional services? Would you like to be chauffeured in a limousine directly to the aircraft? Are you planning to use the flight time to hold an undisturbed meeting on board? No problem at all.

Thus, a perfect all-round company service, which the legend investor Warren Buffet appreciates, among others. NetJets enjoys the financial backing of his holding company Berkshire Hathaway, one of the most financially sound companies worldwide.

Maximum range (distance) 3780.4 miles / 6084 km, 7.2 hrs I Maximum speed 540 mph / 870 kph I Passenger capacity 10

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