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Shared knowledge, numerous benefits for watchmaking: openmovement

No, this is not about a new model involving an exclusive wristwatch. It’s about Swiss expertise, plenty of enthusiasm and even more community spirit. Here, the focus is on the inner workings of a watch, its heartbeat and its movement. Until now, development efforts were the preserve of a few big names in the watch industry. Why not change that? Why not make condensed specialist knowledge openly accessible? This is exactly what openmovement has set as its mission: the non-profit organisation makes the movement freely available to watchmakers, who can use it to flexibly produce their own individual watch compositions.

Remaining strong together: behind openmovement are people from different professions who share an enthusiastic passion for the art of Swiss watchmaking. They implement the idea of sharing and networking on a voluntary basis and without profit-making intentions by making the design data for a basic watch movement available to interested watch manufacturers, all free of charge. Registration at is sufficient, in order to gain access to the plans. Thanks to the bundling of orders within the community, corresponding fundamental parts kits can then be purchased in the desired quantity. Of course, it requires specific craftsmanship and experience to assemble the movement parts, then perhaps add further complications and additional modules and complete the finished watch – including case and strap. In order to safeguard the requisite quality, the association demands product labelling from every manufacturer. One initiative, benefits for all: With openmovement, anyone can utilise a sophisticated and powerful basis to build watches according to their own ideas, or tailor them to the customers’ individual needs. Technically sophisticated, OM works allow a wide range of possibilities. The simple refinement of the basic movement or the complex addition of a moon phase, stopwatch or other functions to the existing seconds and date display is no issue at all thanks to the high power reserve. One clear benefit from the point of view of the initiators behind openmovement: smaller manufacturers and stand-alone watchmakers also have the chance to fully develop their technical expertise, design skills and craftsmanship. This is because it makes greater individuality and exclusivity possible for the customer. Great potential for the future – and a source of strength for the entire industry.

Association openmovement
Open source as a principle for the watch industry – a revolutionary, but entirely feasible path: in 2021, openmovement published the 3D data for the OM10 mechanical movement for the first time. A result that the sponsoring organisation from La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland – founded in 2009 – was able to achieve through voluntary work, donations and membership fees. openmovement also makes an important contribution to the promotion of young talent: part of the production flows into the training centres for watchmakers. Membership is well worth it: it supports a valuable initiative and provides precious insights, even for laypeople. In addition, patrons can look forward to receiving one of the prototype watches that openmovement is producing in a strictly limited edition.

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