Panasonic: Hollywood at home

Panasonic OLED-TV: authentic cinema experience in picture and sound

When dinosaurs burst through the jungle with a big roar, when car chase scenes make your hair stand on end, during soft romantic moments, that’s when you really feel the excitement of a film. The atmospheric colours and the expansive sound really draw you in. A Panasonic OLED TV makes this experience a reality at home too.

Simply change from Dolby Vision IQ to Filmmaker mode, immerse yourself in the films and see them as they were created by the filmmakers: Picture, colour and contrast as in the original; noise cancellation and optimum definition are switched off. You don’t have to be in a darkened room to enjoy the film because the pictures adjust to the environment using intelligent sensing. All the details are visible. And the integrated loudspeakers create atmospheric sound landscapes using Dolby Atmos Sound. They blast the sound upwards and self-regulate according to their distance from the ceiling and wall. With the OLED TV, Panasonic is breaking exciting ground with a top film experience, whilst also designing a sleek designer object in the room without a set top box and additional loudspeaker. Fine tuning is done in close collaboration with Hollywood film studios and illustrious names such as Martin Scorsese.

Statement by Hollywood colourist

Stefan Sonnenfeld
President/CEO from Company 3 |

The great thing about the Panasonic OLED is that it reproduces precisely what we see in our studio when editing the images. It has fantastic picture quality, contrast and colour saturation, clarity and softness. Colourists are like a hidden tool used by all filmmakers to evoke feelings and tell the story using colour. To do this, we manipulate the images in real time and in high resolution. It is important to listen to the director and cameraman to help them realise their vision.
This screen is really so beautiful. My customers notice how exceptional this equipment is almost on a daily basis. Many of my customers now have a Panasonic OLED at home too. I love the fact that I can enhance the images and in doing so evoke emotions in the audience. It sounds cheesy but it is a powerful tool. Once you experience it and see the difference between what it was like before and what it is like after, you can see its importance. Everyone in post-production – from a production point of view too – wants to manipulate images to achieve the best possible quality. But then you also need a screen that displays the whole thing in the way you imagine it to be. That is another reason why we have chosen Panasonic OLEDs: They offer us maximum flexibility. Irrespective of what format we work in, they display everything correctly and in a highly aesthetic way.

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