Romain Gauthier: The subtle distinction

Romain Gauthier’s young watchmaking factory makes high-end out of handicraft.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts, as the saying goes. Take a look at the Insight Micro-Rotor Squelette and see how the perfect craftsmanship radiates from every single component. This whole anniversary creation from the Swiss luxury manufacturer Romain Gauthier is, however, a great deal more: a wonder of perfection; a masterpiece of high-precision technology and a superb design icon. To create this high-end piece, no expense was too high; no challenge too great. The 'chamfering' alone took 250 hours to create well-proportioned soft, flowing surfaces out of titanium and carbon. Attention to detail as a kind of 'haute horlogerie'.

15 years – that’s actually young for a watch manufacturer. But for owner and founder Romain Gauthier it’s very clearly a reason to celebrate. During this time, his brand has been able to position itself in the high-end segment. There’s a reason why the name Romain Gauthier is mentioned in the same breath as luxury brands that are hundreds of years old: For each of his watches, all individual parts – work plates, bridges, screws, additional functions, housing components and the clock mechanism itself – are exclusively made in-house. As a former engineer and machine builder, Gauthier has sound, technical expertise that is reflected in the sophisticated, highly complex constructions. This is combined with uncompromising, precise workmanship, the most elaborate hand finishing possible and a declared passion for aesthetics: This means that the position for the transparent chambers of the skeleton watch are fitted precisely against the hairs on the wearer’s forearm; the plates and components are arranged for an optimal design result; the curve of the bridges is checked and where the fine engravings will be placed. Materials that are difficult to process, such as titanium, are not a problem for him; neither is the fact that at this level of quality, only a small series of around 60 pieces is possible. With only 63 pieces manufactured in either gold or platinum, the Insight Micro-Rotor Squelette developed for this anniversary will become an elegant collector’s item, which can be personalised if desired. The name of Romain Gauthier is a byword for timepieces that set standards. We congratulate him.

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