Schmidli Pure H – Zurich: the new Mecca of the sports car

Schmidli’s project: on your marks, get set, PURE H!

Super sports car design from Switzerland? From Zurich? Yes, it’s here. In the foreground of Rene Schmidli’s vision were design, homogeneity and balance in appearance, choice materials and the associated luxury factor, but also the ability to use a car like this on a daily basis. This is not a hypercar that aims to test the limits of what is possible, but rather a stunning designer piece that acquires value and will continue to prove its timelessness in years to come. Flowing lines and outstanding proportions flatter the modern hedonist.

Many of the big names in sports car manufacturing release new products of excellent quality with great frequency. Among them are the pearls who write – or will write – history. However, Rene Schmidli, lover of exquisite design, was never quite satisfied with what was on offer: as usual, the big manufacturers in particular relied heavily on previous models when developing their products in order to keep their existing customers, and thus for financial considerations. Things get more exciting when examining exponents on the hypercar scene: firstly, the design is significantly more offbeat and generally stands out from the mainstream. Secondly, they usually aim to beat performance parameters such as acceleration, maximum cornering speed, maximum torque or lap times on particular race tracks. The concepts are therefore very similar, as the main focus is on what is technically possible, and design follows function. The dominant features are carbon, enormous spoilers and spartan equipment for the sake of weight. The third concept is the highly purist sports car, which embodies simplicity and is devoted entirely to achieving the lowest possible power to weight ratio and pure driving dynamics. The result of all these requirements is a sports tool, with no incentive to make it visually appealing. With the current level of technology, the marginal benefits of continuing to push performance parameters are steadily decreasing. The niche that this creates clears the way for a true jewel – a symbiosis of elfin appearance, sports car performance that is powerful without being excessive, and luxury: PURE H.

For more than two years, Rene Schmidli developed the design of PURE H in intensive collaboration with an industrial designer, with a second person occasionally supplementing the ideas team. It was clear from the beginning that it would be a mid-mounted engine design, as that would provide not only an optimum weight distribution but also the conditions for a particularly harmonious and symmetrical composition. The conditions that were technically necessary were always secondary to the design. Soft but muscular, sporty, brawny and ready for the next leap: that is the impression PURE H gives to the luxury-loving sports car aficionado. The spoiler extends as needed, but otherwise nestles invisibly in the wide rear without appearing pretentious. The head and tail lights have a particularly notable feature: they use the finest LED technology, but they are more works of art than lighting devices and contribute significantly to the sports car’s overall image. From the rear to the front, concave and convex elements merge into each other and emphasise the curved but clear lines. The elegant leather interior will delight any driver. Operation takes place mainly via a holographic central display, but there is also a voice command function available. The driver display is also holographic and provides thrilling depth as the rev counter spirals upward. The seats, with their sporty look and strong contours, provide ambitious drivers with good lateral support as they feel the bass-like rumble of the V8 biturbo. Depending on the development and availability of the necessary technology – drive and steering technology as well as batteries – there are plans to produce a high-energy electric version. Independently of the drive concept, the doors open so elegantly and purposefully that it is an easy matter to get in and out in style, even in Zurich’s narrow car parks. Parallel to the development of the design, initial conceptual studies have been drawn up with coach builders to evaluate the technical feasibility, the probability of approval and the cost indications for a small batch. The first prospective buyers are on board. A perfect 3D-printed 1:4 model and a three-minute trailer showing the internal and external facets of the sports car in perfect proportion will entice lovers of the extraordinary still further. PURE H: for sporting luxury clothed in perfect design.

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