Stone art

Unique designs with a long history, shaped by nature: STEINBILD

Natural. We are constantly amazed by the diverse range of colours and shapes and the ease with which simple organic structures effortlessly become aesthetic works of art. It's only natural that we bring a piece of natural beauty into our homes: an original, created in the depths of the earth. A masterpiece in natural stone, an iconic cross-section of time. A gem of captivating magic and lasting elegance. STEINBILD is the name of this fascinating wall art. Every image is unique, abstract and has its own story.

STEINBILD Masterpieces are as individual as your personal interior design style. The natural jewels feature extraordinary compositions: vibrant and eye-catching with contrasting colour worlds, a flowing harmony of soft colour nuances or calm monochrome serenity. Everywhere, the grain of the stone - sometimes veined, lined or curved, sometimes mottled or jagged - creates depth and tension. Everywhere you look, you will discover distinctive features that reflect the millions of years of eventful history. Velvety, smooth surfaces invite you to touch them and enjoy the tactile experience. As you can tailor this art object entirely to your own interior concept, it is a bespoke solution that deserves to be called a masterpiece: you can choose your favourite theme and colour scheme and specify the optimum size, orientation and framing. The STEINBILD can be presented as a stand-alone feature, as a mirrored two-piece or as a series in a row, with atmospheric effects created by the integrated ambient lighting. STEINBILD will always be a unique design statement that gives a room an extraordinary feel. Shaped by nature as an artist.

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