Steinway & Sons: In Concert at Home

165 years of masterful Steinway & Sons pianos for touching moments

Simply close your eyes and indulge in the magical sounds of classicall melodies. In an intimate setting with friends and family, delve into a concert experience of the highest quality. Or share a private audience with the maestro. Enjoy encounters with Lang Lang or Daniel Barenboim in your very own living room and create a setlist tailored to your unique wishes and preferences. With the self-playing system Spirio from Steinway & Sons this dream becomes a reality. There could be no more authentic a way of bringing music to life in your own home. Except perhaps by starting to play yourself, unlocking the gentle, warm expression from its exquisite resonating body.

Steinway pianos are renowned for their perfect sound. It is no coincidence that they can be found in every concert hall and are the preferred choice of almost every orchestra, every pianist – from the professional musician to the amateur. Almost two hundred years of experience and love flow into every model made in New York or Hamburg before it eventually meets its owner after a year in production. In the 1820s Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg – after a difficult childhood – discovered his passion for the fortepiano in the Lower Saxon town of Seesen. The first piano in the form we know today was created in 1836. Determined to work hard and be successful, Steinweg became a carpenter’s apprentice working for the Duke of Brunswick, in doing so laying the foundations for today’s incredibly successful company. Together with his wife and nine children he emigrated to New York in 1850 and adopted the name Henry E. Steinway. In his new home he founded Steinway & Sons with his six sons in 1853, a company that became a global market leader for grand and upright pianos and whose name we are all familiar with. This year we celebrate its 165-year anniversary with pride. Nothing more need be said about the sound of a Steinway instrument; everyone can recall a special moment brought about by a gifted musician playing a Steinway grand piano. Steinway & Sons set the highest of standards with their sound; the character and warmth of the tone are hard to beat. But the excellent craftsmanship of a Steinway is a real pleasure to touch, too. Your fingers follow the keys with sheer joy and the polished black precious wood surface invites you to get hands-on.

What is music? What can music be? Sounds, tones and movements of the air come together to create a sensual experience that whisks the artist and audience off together to an all-new dimension of perception. A separate reality arises in parallel to the apparent reality, allowing you to leave your everyday life behind. This experience is not unique to a concert hall – it can also be recreated at home. To make this a reality, Steinway & Sons have developed the Steinway Spirio grand piano with integrated high-resolution self-playing system, which transforms it into something you wouldn’t dare call a mere music system. Of course, the grand piano remains a fully functioning musical instrument, too. The Spirio has access to an extensive musical repertoire, updated regularly, which ranges from classical and jazz pieces to more contemporary hits. This music library will appeal to almost any listener. World-class artists like Joja Wendt, Diana Krall and Billy Joel have recorded pieces in Steinway Artists’ New York studios, allowing you to welcome the stars into your home. Sit back and relax in your favourite chair, stretch your legs, be free of the disruptive coughing and rustling of other concertgoers: Tune into you and you alone, create a playlist of your favourite pieces and enjoy an exceptional level of musical and technological mastery. Take a break whenever and for however long you want; everything is controlled by the iPad supplied with the piano. Nothing can disrupt the harmony, a sound manifests itself as if being heard live and inspires the spirit. Being able to create a musical ambience in your home makes the working day feel like a holiday. Taste may be subjective but the perfect reproduction of digitally recorded masterpieces on a Steinway grand piano – that is something everyone can enjoy.

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