Atelier Swarovski: Brilliant!

Swarovski shines with diamonds from its own production.

Brilliant – appearance of an extraordinary jewellery collection. None other than the enchanting Penélope Cruz – an icon of elegance and female self-confidence – has given free rein to her creativity for the Swarovski studio. With stylish glamour she enters the red carpet of jewellery creation and creates beautiful diamond jewellery pieces in classic Hollywood style. In the spotlight, the Swarovski brand ambassador presents the sustainable feminine real jewellery and shines with highlights for deliberate indulgence.

Sustainable action is also possible in the jewellery industry. The Atelier Swarovski is dedicated to this goal and uses specially produced diamonds in its collections, which do not differ from the diamonds mined in nature in any way in their chemical composition and appearance, but without the undesirable side effects. The equivalence of these gemstones has been certified by the American Federal Trade Commission. The exquisite quality of the hand-picked Swarovski diamonds is classified according to 4C, as is the case with all diamonds. Set in fair trade gold, the masterfully cut diamonds and their sparkling brilliance come into their own. The controlled origin of the materials used has a long tradition at Swarovski – for luxury without a guilty conscience. Because it's not only in Hollywood that you know that: «Diamonds are a girl's best friend.»

Swarovski Created Diamonds are manufactured using two different processes:

HPHT (high pressure/high temperature process) in which graphite deposits on a diamond substrate and is then subjected to high pressure and high temperatures, in the same way that diamonds are produced underground. Within a few weeks, the carbon atoms fuse with the seed diamond to form a rough diamond, which can now be cut just like a natural diamond.

CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition), in which a diamond substrate comes into contact with high temperatures, low pressure, carbonaceous methane gas and microwaves. The methane gas disintegrates into its components and the carbons settle layer by layer on the substrate. In just a few weeks, a synthetic rough diamond is produced, which can then become just like a natural diamond.

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